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Zebediah Killgrave
Purple Man (XMTAS)
Real Name Zebediah Killgrave
Powers and Abilities Mutant:
Purple Skin
Allies Skids
Boom Boom
Rusty Collins
Wiz Kid

Zebediah Killgrave is a telepathic mutant who uses his powers to control others so he can take over the government.


The history of Killgrave is unknown.

His mutant powers gave him the power to influence others' minds, but also gave him purple skin. He uses a face cream to cover his complexion and appear to be a normal human. Killgrave decided to use his powers to take over the United States government.

At some point he came into conflict with Daredevil. He kept a picture of the horned hero with him for some reason.

Killgrave went to Omaha, Nebraska and began adopting mutants from a local orphanage. He had the mutants Skids, Boom Boom, Rusty Collins, and Wiz Kid help him out. However, the X-Man Scott Summers arrived there to visit his old orphanage. Summers and Killgrave came into conflict and Killgrave was defeated.


Killgrave was voiced by Cedric Smith.

The first version of the character outside the comics.

This version was made a mutant whereas the comic book version got his powers from a chemical accident. He is also not telepathic, instead producing pheromones to make those around him susceptible to suggestion.

In the Comics[]

He was a physician turned spy.

He got his powers while infiltrating a chemical refinery and was accidentally doused with a nerve gas. He was caught and offered a lousy alibi, which was believed so he was released.

He is known by the codename Purple Man.

He used his powers to force a woman to become his wife. Before she recovered, she got pregnant and gave birth to a girl named Kara. She grew up having the same powers as her father, became a member of Alpha Flight, and used the names Purple Girl, Purple Woman, and Persuasion. She would be considered a mutant.

Doctor Doom is immune to his powers due to his own incredible force of will. Doom used Killgrave to power a machine that allowed him to take control of all the minds on the planet. When he did this, Tony Stark put Wonder Man in an experiment so he slept through the takeover. When Wonder Man woke he found the world under Doom's control. He eventually stopped Doom and Killgrave's control over the Avengers. Namor destroyed the device resulting in Killgrave's apparent death, though he was later revealed to be alive. This story, called Emperor Doom, served as the basis for the The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Emperor Stark", which currently features Purple Man's last animated appearance.

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