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A list of episodes from the fifth and final season of X-Men.


Script # Title Writer(s) Original Airdate Production Code
67 "Phalanx Covenant, Part One" Steven Melching
David McDermott
September 7, 1996 419
68 "Phalanx Covenant, Part Two" Steven Melching
David McDermott
September 7, 1996 420
47 "A Deal With The Devil" Eric Lewald September 14, 1996 402
34 "No Mutant Is An Island" Sandy Scesny September 21, 1996 308
36 "Longshot" Steven Melching
David McDermott
October 5, 1996 310
59 "Bloodlines" Len Uhley October 26, 1996 423
69 "Storm Front, Part One" Mirith Colao November 2, 1996 421
70 "Storm Front, Part Two" Brooks Wachtel November 9, 1996 422
72 "Jubilee's Fairytale Theater" Brooks Wachtel November 16, 1996 502
71 "The Fifth Horseman" Steven Melching
David McDermott
February 8, 1997 501
73 "Old Soldiers" Len Wein February 22, 1997 503
74 "Hidden Agendas" Steven Melching
David McDermott
September 13, 1997 504
75 "Descent" Steven Melching
David McDermott
September 6, 1997 505
76 "Graduation Day" James Krieg September 20, 1997 506


Beast and Forge would make an unlikely alliance with Magneto and Mister Sinister to stop the Phalanx invasion of Earth. Omega Red would be thawed out to salvage a toxic nuclear submarine but has his own plans for the warheads. Graydon Creed Jr. and the Friends of Humanity would return to reunite Nightcrawler with his real mother. Storm would save an alien planet and become engaged to their ruler, only to learn what kind of person he really is. Fabian Cortez would try to resurrect the dreaded Apocalypse. Wolverine would remember the time he and Captain America fought the Red Skull. Mister Sinister's origins would be revealed. The worst would come with Henry Peter Gyrich attacks and seriously injures Charles Xavier. All would seem lost until Lilandra and the Shi'Ar offer their assistance. But that would mean the loss of the X-Men's beloved leader.


"No Mutant Is An Island" was originally intended to air in Season Three after "The Phoenix Saga" and before "Savage Land, Strange Heart." However, due to animation problems it was delayed two years while a different company animated it again from scratch.

The "Beyond Good And Evil" story arc was originally meant to be the ending of the series. However, Fox bought a few more episodes at the last minute. The original animation studio, Graz Entertainment, went bankrupt. The final six episodes feature a different animation style, the work being done by Saban.

Home Video Releases


Universal Studios released X-Men: No Mutant Is An Island which contained "No Mutant Is An Island". It is the only episode to be released on VHS.


Buena Vista Home Entertainment released X-Men Volume Five containing the entire season.

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