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X-Men is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

The X-Men are a group of mutants formed under the leadership of Charles Xavier, who believed mutants could be productive towards society. They were hidden from the world for their protection, but knew that mutants would be learned of someday.

Sometime after the group started, they formed the offshoot team of the New Mutants. But the focus always remained on the X-Men. Above all, they knew not to be harsh on those who repented their anti-mutant views, knowing that there was a time when they did not know what they knew then.

Members left and others joined as mutants as a whole had a grasp on the idea that the time was always right to do something right. As a team, they grasped the concept of discrimination and chose to avoid being effected by any intimidation, and the team prospered for their efforts.

The group continued to fight for good, and stove to do it better than anyone ever could. They came across Apocalypse and his horsemen, but still managed to defeat him. The team continued to go strong even as its teenage members grew into adults.



  • Beast/Henry McCoy: Blue beast-like appearance.
  • Charles Xavier: Founder of team. He is the most powerful telepath on the planet.
  • Storm/Ororo Munroe: Controls the weather.
  • Wolverine/Logan: Has animal-like senses and can heal from any wound. He is extremely old, with his exact age being unknown. At one point before joining the team Weapon X kidnapped him and bonded his bones with adamantium giving him six long claws, three in each arm.


  • Cyclops/Scott Summers: Leader of the team. Shoots powerful optic blasts from his eyes that can only be controlled with ruby glasses.
  • Jean Grey: Telekinesis and telepathy.
  • Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner: Blue elf-like appearance and ability to teleport. Is the adopted brother of Rogue.
  • Rogue (Real name unknown): Can absorb the powers and memories of others, copying their abilities but putting them into comas. Originally tricked into joining the Brotherhood of Mutants until she saw through the deception.
  • Shadowcat/Katherine Pryde: Can phase through solid objects, which can disrupt electrical systems.

New Mutants

  • Berzerker/Ray Crisp: Discharges electricity.
  • Cannonball/Sam Guthrie: Propels himself with jet-like speeds.
  • Iceman/Robert Drake: Team leader of the New Mutants. Transforms into hand fires ice.
  • Magma/Amara Aquilla: Generates and controls heat.
  • Multiple/James Madrox: Creates multiple copies of himself.
  • Sunspot/Robert da Costa: Converts solar energy into physical strength

Former Members

  • Boom Boom/Tabitha Smith: Member of New Mutants. She creates small balls of explosive energies. Left to join the Brotherhood of Mutants.
  • Jubilee/Jubilation Lee: Member of New Mutants. Shoots sparks of energy. She was taken home by her parents after the exposure of mutants.
  • Spyke/Evan Daniels: Was one of the original students recruited by the group. Extends his bones as offensive and defensive weapons. Spyke is the nephew to Storm. Left to join the Morlocks when his powers evolved beyond looking like a normal human being. He aided them in the fight against the Horsemen of Apocalypse.
  • Wolfsbane/Rahne Sinclair: Member of New Mutants. Transforms into wolf-like creature. She was taken home by her parents after the exposure of mutants.



Charles Xavier formed the group and recruited Cyclops, Jean Grey, Wolverine and Storm. The group resided in Xavier's residence and used the Danger Room to train.


Nightcrawler XME

Kurt Wagner, known for having a demonic appearance around his homeland, came into contact with Charles Xavier. The latter requested that he join the group, and got his request granted when he and Storm met the boy at a subway. After the three returned to the mansion, Charles introduced him to the group's basic adjustments, yet neglected to give him information on the Danger Room. This changed when he and Toad accidentally went inside the room while they started to argue and fight against each other. Their lives were threatened, yet were saved by Cyclops and Jean. The event caused Nightcrawler to wish to quit the team, but he stayed after Cyclops convinced him to.

Shadowcat watches Scott purposely embarass Lance

The X-Man that would become known as Shadowcat, Kitty Pryde, discovered her powers in her sleep a few days later and had difficulty relating to her parents about it. To make matters worse, she became the subject of unwanted attention by Lance Alvers, who had seen her make use of her powers and was interested in exploiting them. Despite being coerced into phasing him through the school's office, Kitty joined the X-Men after saving her parents and Jean, proving that her powers were not the curse she originally thought they were.

Rogue is touched XME

After joining the X-Men, she had difficulty adjusting to the team, just as their next attempted recruit Rogue had difficulty adjusting to her own powers. The team went to recruit her, knowing the potential she had and how dangerous it would be if anyone tried to exploit it. However, Mystique managed to trick Rogue into mistrusting the X-Men, due to her ability to change into different members of the group, which she used to attack her. Despite their best wishes, Rogue slipped away, yet became local to them after she transferred to Bayville High School, where the teenage members of team regularly attended school.

The team would then try to recruit Fred Dukes, who began a dialogue with Mystique before they were able to talk to him. He transferred to Bayville as well and became friends with Jean, who tried to encourage him to join the X-Men. Despite this attempt, she only succeeded in getting Blob to be attracted to her. Once she declined his request to date, Blob abducted her. Though Cyclops and Wolverine got to her at separate times, Rogue proved to be the one to save her, as the others were knocked out.


With two failed attempts to recruit mutants, the record was seemingly set. However, Evan Daniels, the nephew of team member Storm, was in desperate need of their aid. His powers were both dangerous and also could be helpful to them in regards, though he resolved to avoiding the group initially to chase after his own personal vendettas. After the team bailed him out of jail, he joined the group and was aided by Cyclops and Jean in defeating Quicksilver, his longtime enemy and a villain in his own right.


The team initially did not make much of a communication to each other, apart from Cyclops, Jean and Nightcrawler. Once Nightcrawler got into an argument with Cyclops following a fallout regarding their maturities, the former escaped to the basement of Bayville High School, where he came in contact with Rogue. The latter accidentally fired a machine at him, and believed she had killed him. Feeling guilty, she stopped the group from going after Toad once he started using the device and led them in the right direction, and allowed Nightcrawler to return to his dimension with Forge.

The group also had their first turncoat, as Rogue joined the X-Men after she came to the realization that Mystique was behind the attacks that tainted her first meeting with the X-Men. She gained this knowledge when she absorbed her powers, after the latter pushed Cyclops off of a bridge. Mystique began to attack the two, but soon withdrew once the other X-Men arrived. The group held a meeting, of which the topic of the teenagers not being told Mystique was their principal was discussed.

Sabretooth gained his first encounter with the full team when he attacked the group at the Xavier Mansion. Prior to this, Xavier had made it clear to his longtime enemy Wolverine, to never allow him to find their location. Because of his attack on Spyke, he found footage of Wolverine pulling up to the mansion and came after Shadowcat, Spyke and Rogue when they filmed for his video project. Sabretooth was defeated by Rogue, with intervening by Wolverine making it all the more possible. He was dumped in the middle of the arctic, and had his mind erased as well.

Juggernaut also located the Xavier Mansion, courtesy of Mystique, who revealed the location to him once she liberated him from his cell. Though assigned to extract Cerebro from its room, he damaged it when he recklessly slammed through the mansion. Mystique's insults towards him prompted him to attack her as well. In the meantime, Storm gathered the X-Men and Brotherhood, who both teamed up to save their mentors. After the two groups removed his helmet as a result of working together, Charles was able to defeat him with the use of his telepathy.

Nightcrawler became the subject of Rogue's dreams after this, though they were later discovered to be suppressed memories of Mystique when she absorbed her powers. Mystique became aware of these sequences after an attempted conversation with Charles, and had Quicksilver deliver a message to Nightcrawler, which he complied with and teleported to the scheduled meeting place. There, Mystique revealed her relation with him as his mother, which prompted him to demand answers as to what had happened to him. The X-Men caught wind of this, and came after him to see if he would be alright. The Brotherhood of Mutants got there first, and tried to determine if they would be able to defeat him alone. They did, though the X-Men arrived right after and defeated them as well.

Wolverine had moved in to the location of the castle that Nightcrawler had allegedly been experimented in on, though it was made to self-destruct by the man who had used it all those years ago, Magneto. Wolverine would have his own problems as well, as he himself was not exempt from skeletons in his closet coming back. Sometime following the Nightcrawler incident, Wolverine was haunted in his dreams by flashbacks from his past and had several headaches that caused him to attack everything around him and send him on a borderline rampage. Shadowcat around this time began to feel irritation towards her new surroundings at the Xavier Mansion, and was complaining to her parents about how greatly she disliked how large the X-Men roster was and how it feel as though the group was completely in her business.

When she and Wolverine were alone together, she was satisfied. She explained her reason for being so to him, and also bore witness to those headaches. When he headed to Mt. McKenna around the next hour, she and Nightcrawler accidentally stowed away aboard the Blackbird when he began to pilot it, though not intentionally. Despite their attempts to get away from him and the Blackbird in general, they were forced to stay there when they noticed their powers would not aid them in getting anywhere besides their inevitable deaths. As the two followed after Wolverine, he separated from them and was defeated by Sabretooth thanks to the headaches caused by a chip in his head being perpetrated to go off again and again. Once he was taken to the scientist's base, he used the chip to harm him continuously, which resulted in him seemingly taking full control of Wolverine to the point where he was almost unrecognizable.

The two continued to search for him, and were pursued by both him and Sabretooth. They were able to get away from them, though Shadowcat unintentionally convinced Wolverine that he had killed her, which she used to her advantage when getting him to revert to himself. When she succeeded, Sabertooth attacked him, and only caused Wolverine to again go violent, though this time he decided to get some revenge on the scientist. The base of the man was destroyed, seemingly taking him along with it, and Wolverine was gravely injured. Shadowcat took him back to the Xavier Mansion, and developed a legitimate care for the X-Men as a result.

Asteroid M

Magneto finished contrition of Asteroid M and prepared to use it for his ultimate plan.

New Recruits

Kelly's tenure

Charles fails mind wiping Kelly XME

Following their defeat of Magneto, the X-Men received a large expansion in mutants. The new team, called the New Mutants, were a group of inexperienced mutants that would serve as students to the original students, the group now becoming senior members. As Jean Grey became an aspiring contest in soccer, the rest of the X-Men at Bayville encouraged her. Despite this, she was more interested in Duncan Matthews's words towards her, and chose to ride with him over the other X-Men. The team's continued skirmishes with the Brotherhood of Mutants caused them to reveal themselves as mutants and the X-Men as well during the soccer game.

Rogue absorbs Jean XME

The group stopped the team from causing any further collateral damage, but knew their secret was out. Following a downpour, triggered by Storm, Charles proceeded to use his mind to attempt to erase the minds of every single person there. However, he failed to erase the mind of Robert Kelly, the school's new principal. Charles went into an unconscious state and only awoke once returning to the mansion. After this, Jean lost control of her powers, due to their evolving and was often subject to losing control in front of others.

She continued to have difficulty with them, to the point where she broke down both physically and mentally during a P.E. session with Cyclops and Shadowcat. The three returned to the Xavier Mansion, where, following a struggle between her and the rest of the group, resulted in her being purged of the stress and relieved as well. Afterward, Rogue gained a new understanding of her, stating that she realized the girl would do the same thing for her had she been in her place and Jean expressed some attraction in Cyclops as well, recalling that he claimed he knew her better than anyone ever had or ever would during their talk while Rogue was the link between them.

Boom Boom quits the X-Men XME

The group's troubles did not end there. For the first time, it would lose a teammate. Boom Boom's father finally located her two months into her time with the X-Men and was ready to leave her alone, provided that she help him steal some money from the carnival so he and her mother could be better off. Despite being unwilling, Boom Boom agreed when he promised to leave her alone and was ready to go through with the act. The act resulted in the intervention of the X-Men and Brotherhood, and her father being placed in jail for his crime. She felt guilty for having gone through with it, and left the group. She joined the Brotherhood of Mutants right after.

Arcade defeated XME

Charles decided to leave the X-Men momentarily, due to Juggernaut's cell being on the verge of breaking and left Cyclops and Jean in charge since Wolverine and Storm were not present. The two honored his decision and humbly planned to keep their word, but that changed when Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Spyke wanted to have a party in the Xavier Mansion. Shadowcat told Cyclops that he was wanted by Jean, while Nightcrawler told her the same thing about Cyclops. As the two met, Shadowcat disabled his car and took his keys and got away with the aid of Nightcrawler. While the two were stranded, the group had fun until discovering that Arcade had got into the Cerebro room. Cyclops and Jean arrived, and aided the group in stopping him. Charles discovered that the cell had been tampered with and also learned of the X-Men's affair was planned by someone else.


Hank McCoy was an instructor at Bayville High School, and was gaining difficulty with his ongoing mutation. He had previously spoken to Charles regarding the mutation sometime prior to visiting him again. When Evan ditched his class, he resolved to have the boy memorize a passage. When he went out of control as a result of his powers no longer being able to be controlled, Spyke recited it and got him to regain his composure with the aid of Charles. When he was brought back to the Xavier Mansion, Beast was disappointed to see his appearance had remained the same. However, Charles offered him a spot on the X-Men, which he accepted and was introduced to the students as well. Hank gave himself a codename, Beast.

Scott decided sometime afterwards that he needed to spend some time with his brother, and watched as he got lost at sea. Scott went after him, and became lost as well. The two tried to get aid from officials, but they were unable to provide a proper rescue. Jean learned of the large waves around their area from a television broadcast, and went with the other X-Men to save them. They succeeded, and the two were saved. During the Christmas season, the majority of the X-Men departed from the Xavier Mansion while Beast, Charles, Rogue and Scott remained. Angel had been using his powers to demonstrate himself as a hero, and was being followed by Magneto. Cyclops and Rogue were sent by Charles to look for him, on the chance that they would encounter him, and did. However, he proceeded to run away from them.

When Magneto attacked him, the two got involved and aided him in getting away from his grasp. During the confrontation, Rogue absorbed Magneto's powers as a result of touching him. When they were finally able to sit down with him, without the fear of being attacked, the two clarified that they were on the good side of mutants and were only wanting to help him with controlling his powers. Despite some hesitation, Angel began to agree with them and see their point. Storm came under attack by Hungan after the X-Men returned to the Xavier Mansion, and had difficulty showing how she felt about being the target of these constant attacks. At the same time, she was also having difficulty with Spyke, who she agreed with Charles would better be suited if he lived with his parents again and left the X-Men.

Despite the other students trying to help him, Evan pretended that he did not care and continued to assert that it was no big deal as they came up with alternatives on how to stay at the mansion. Hungan attacked Storm while Evan fled from her, and stole her soul. He used the soulless Storm to attack the X-Men, and it became evident that the group would not be able to defeat him without getting Storm from under his thumb. Spyke dissembled the staff Hungan used to control her, which allowed Storm to regain her soul and attack him with her full might. She began to see Evan in a different light, and was convinced that she would need to be there for him as he was for her.

Forge returned, and made some fun with Nightcrawler's teleportation ability by using his powers to test and see if he could find himself in limbo. This theory worked, though also managed to get some of the monsters to come with him as well and enter wherever he teleported to..


Wolverine's bitterness and hatred for Sabretooth proved to be his downfall, and caused him to be captured by some military members after he was stopped in his tracks by Magneto, who was safeguarding Sabretooth so the latter could do his bidding. Once Wolverine was kidnapped, he was subject to fight against Bolivar Trask's Sentinel. Despite putting up a fight, Wolverine failed to defeat it.

Charles continued to have meetings with Wanda Maximoff, though continued to stress he would not be able to risk her using her powers without endangering the other students. Mystique, posing as an officer, took matters into her own hands; she kidnapped Charles, posed as him afterward and busted Wanda out of the institution. After regrouping with the Brotherhood, she had the group go against the X-Men. While the team easily defeated its initial team members, they lost as a collective team when Wanda attacked them while manipulating their powers.

Mystique used the loss as an opportunity to force the group into rigorous training, and induct the Brotherhood as their "new teammates".

Prior to the team leaving with her, Mystique set the Xavier Mansion to explode and locked the New Mutants inside. After Magma and Boom Boom found Scott, who had left the group after being dismayed, he saved the entire team and himself by getting into the Cerebro room. Despite the swift heist of his actions, Scott discovered it was Mystique posing as Charles once he saw the recording of her morphing between forms and setting the mansion to blow.

The X-Men and Brotherhood teamed up, though the Acolytes were swiftly aided by Magneto, who caused the two teams via his powers to be spotted by Bolivar Trask. Once he deployed the Sentinel he used on Wolverine earlier, the groups were forced to use their powers to defend themselves, though caused live displays of their powers to be broadcast.

As the fight continued, Magneto tried to aid the two groups, though mostly so his own plans could come to fruition. When the Sentinel turned its attention to Magneto, the latter was helpless as his daughter used her powers to stop him in his tracks. Despite Mystique's intervention, Magneto was seemingly crushed. The Sentinel started to use its captivity-inducing blasts on the X-Men and Brotherhood, in the same fashion it had done to Wolverine. Several members of the group (Rogue, Spyke, Beast and Wolverine) were captured, which led Mystique to convince the remaining members to escape with the Brotherhood to the Xavier Mansion.

Once the teams returned, they found the Xavier Mansion in ruins, as Mystique had intended. However, Cyclops and the New Mutants were fine, the former even revealing Mystique's identity.

Avoiding segregation

Jean speech XME

Following their return to the still-being rebuilt Xavier Mansion, the X-Men were crammed around each other since their rooms were still not ready. Charles met with the main group, and also stressed to them the importance of their behavior during their day of the school, as that night votes would go in as to whether or not mutants would be allowed back at the school. The team returned to school, where it became apparent that their classmates disliked them for their powers and not for the content of their characters. Nightcrawler managed to avoid this, as his Image inducer hid his real appearance, though it cost him the appreciation of his teammates.

During the conference that night, Duncan Matthews got with the Brotherhood of Mutants and teamed up with them against the X-Men, who he confronted and attacked once they refused to leave him alone with Cyclops. Despite not being able to use their powers and taking some damage along the way, Jean Grey was able to show the public the good of mutants when she recited her speech to the people in the auditorium that night. The group was allowed back to school permanently as a result, to which Charles told them that they would be the first to take steps into the world of mutant-knowing individuals and see how their relations would rank with that of the future.


Despite avoiding having to leave school because of their powers, the X-Men still faced difficulties in trying to avoid the harsh reality that there were those who sought to use them and misjudge them for their powers. This was evident when Spyke received some bulling and nearly used his powers on the boys committing the hate crime when they attacked Rogue, and had difficulty retracting his spikes. While Rogue went to chase after them, he was told to continue to try and retract them.

She noticed Gambit, who had talked to the boys, and convinced Shadowcat to come with her to follow him. The two did, and learned that the Brotherhood was planning on getting Quicksilver away from law enforcement. During their pursuit, the two continuously hitched rides and came across the military as well. Rogue and Shadowcat assisted the men, and the latter also saved Quicksilver's life. Despite their heroics, they were penalized at school for having left the campus before the day was complete.

Rogue began to lose control of her powers, the urge to unleash them forcing her to go out of control. Once she absorbed the abilities of Mystique for the second time, she began morphing into the mutants she used the powers off, which caused some difficulty for her teammates. The group was successful in stopping her, once Wolverine and Charles aided her in removing the different identities. She was given medical treatment by Storm and Wolverine, though the two left to look for Mystique, leaving her in the hands of Nightcrawler and Shadowcat.

As she was taken care of, Angel arrived, interrupting the baseball game of the X-Men and requested to talk to Charles. The group learned of his encounter with Mesmero and aided him in trying to stop the him, and were unexpectedly and unwillingly accompanied by Iceman. The group began to fight against the Acolytes, and were instructed by Charles to not allow the spider that emerged from the building to be destroyed. Charles learned that it was the guardian to a door of Apocalypse, and told Magneto of his role in allowing Mesmero to get closer in releasing him.

The X-Men went on a cruise, to get away from the rather harsh events that had proceeded their retreat. During the trip, Boom Boom accidentally caused a fire to be triggered, and the X-Men chose to get involved. However, in doing so, they accidentally revealed themselves as mutants and were met with the same hate as they did in the city. Some of the members decided to retreat yet again, this time to an island, where they saved a number of lives during a catastrophe and found themselves being held as heroes, a distinct difference from how they had been treated earlier. The volcano they stopped earlier had started again, but Magma was able to stop it and learned more about her powers. Despite acknowledging the retreat as good, Storm told the group that they should have told her before departing, and the team returned to the ship.

A female clone of Wolverine, X-23, came to the Xavier Mansion and systematically watched over the team, longing for acceptance. She ignored this over time and took out each member of the group, then moved on to Wolverine. The latter learned that he was her clone from Fury and confronted her about having been stripped of her childhood, and tried to reason that the two were similar to family. As she began to break down to him, Wolverine tried to get her to leave so she could evade capture. After this, Wolverine changed his dynamics towards teaching the students, learning that it was wrong for children to deny what they were or to try and make them something else.

Rogue under Mesmero's control XME

Rogue began be controlled by Mesmero, and against her will, used her powers to take the abilities of the individual members of the X-Men. She extended this to the Brotherhood and Acolytes, and erased their minds of the event in an attempt to cover it up. Magneto was able to catch her due to his security cameras and got together with the Brotherhood to confront the girl. Cyclops and Jean Grey were graduating from Bayville High School, but this was interrupted by their arrival. Charles initially was hesitant to believe him, but discovered there was some validity to what he was saying when Rogue started attacking them.

With Acolytes

Following Rogue's departure, the X-Men formed an alliance with the Acolytes, in a desperate attempt to stop the release of Apocalypse. Charles and Magneto had a discussion, and both agreed to bring only their experienced members. While Magneto opted for the Acolytes over the Brotherhood with the exception of Quicksilver, Charles chose Cyclops, Jean, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Storm, Beast and Iceman. Once they arrived at the chamber after locating it, Charles had Shadowcat infiltrate the area using her powers after having sensed that there was an underground chamber. He was correct, and she found it. The group became separated after being attacked by Egyptian cat guards, which Charles did not object to given their consideration as the most experienced members of the team.

Wolverine and Sabretooth became more irritated with each other, and tried to fight again. Once Gambit continued to add his own small comments into their affairs, Rogue made further progress in freeing Apocalypse as Mesmero convinced Mystique to place her hand on a stone to get the three inside, though this came at the cost of her being turned into stone. Apocalypse grabbed Rogue, and gained the powers she absorbed before she fell out. Wolverine attacked him, but was easily defeated. The arriving X-Men and Acolytes surrounded him, but were all defeated with a single clap. Charles knew as Apocalypse departed that their greatest challenge was just beginning.


Shadowcat fails XME

Two weeks later, the X-Men continued to make small investments in stopping Apocalypse. The Eye of Ages was concluded as their most probable way of getting him back in his own time, though there were problems with locating it. Rogue also learned of Mystique's condition as stone and resented Nightcrawler for having tried to make contact with her. The X-Men tried to stop the then-recently emerged dome he had made from existing, through having Shadowcat use her powers to phase a device inside. She tried, but failed and landed into her surrogate father Wolverine as the machine went up in the air and exploded. Magneto arrived and tried his best to stop him, but was quickly killed by Apocalypse.

X-Men full team up on Brotherhood XME

The Brotherhood had their own mixed reactions to his death, Scarlet Witch being the one most affected. A disputed between her and her brother caused her to use her powers, which prompted some damage to be done to the train stations. They were able to get the people out of there, and became town heroes for a while. The X-Men got involved when the Brotherhood once they threatened Robert Kelly for having used their name, and used their entire acting line up to intimidate them. The group also stopped one of their catastrophes from going out of control, and were aided immensely by Avalanche, who insisted after helping them that the group would cease their good deeds.

Cyclops and Jean became instructors at the institute, on a basis that rivaled Storm and Wolverine's positions, as well as Charles and Beast. Wolverine was approached by the New Mutants, who wanted him back. He declined and was kidnapped by Omega Red and Gauntlet, who he escaped from and was pursed by until the intervening of X-23. The two teamed up with him after they were captured, and seemingly died when the plane she was on exploded. However, Wolverine caught her scent and realized she was still alive, becoming relieved.

David Haller

When David Haller began to feel somewhat downplayed by his alter ego Lucas, he was coerced by the latter to call his father Charles to assist him. When the X-Men began to pilot their way over to him, Charles cleared up what he had done with Gabby Haller when they were married and also explained to Scott and Jean that David was his son, but he had known nothing about him. Charles decided to not waste anytime trying to get affiliated with Gabby again, and only asked her about David. Storm introduced herself, and Scott and Jean to Gabby while Charles demanded a list of David's friends.

While looking through David's belongings, Jean noticed Ian, one of David's alter egos and followed him as he ran away, only to be confronted by Lucas and captured as a result. Scott went looking for her on his own, and encountered Lucas after Jean approached him about the abductor. Despite his optic blasts shooting directly at him, Lucas was able to withstand the blast and defeat Scott by using his powers on him continuously. When Jean found David and broke out with him, he revealed all three of his identities and managed to get Charles to accidentally seal both David and Ian away, leaving Lucas the dominant one. Charles was disgusted with his failure, but was assured by Storm that he would be there for his son once he found his way, just as he was for all the X-Men.

Morlock Discrimination

Almost immediately after, Spyke returned to the X-Men's eye when his vigilante activities were noticed by the group when he stopped Cannonball and Magma from being harmed by Duncan. The two were appreciative, but the rest of the X-Men were not. Charles had Wolverine go to confront him, but the latter reached an agreement with Spyke that he and the other mutant had a right to defend themselves and walk in public without being penetrated by the bigots that roam those streets as well. Prior to leaving, he proclaimed to Wolverine that he would be the protector of the Morlocks. As he continued to exercise his own right to ensure that the group was not harmed by anyone, he also came across Leech. The boy was harassed for being a mutant, and was protected alongside his mother by Spyke.

Duncan continued his anti-mutant attacks, and came after Spyke and the Morlocks. The group chose to stick with him and a brawl broke out. Some of the X-Men deployed to aid him, Cyclops and Spyke meet for the first time since he departed from the group. During the attack, Duncan planned to shoot Leech. However, Spyke blocked him and got hit as a result, causing Leech to trigger his powers. The result was that of a nullifying effect on the powers of the mutants around him. Duncan and his friends were imprisoned, and Spyke was apologetic to Leech's mother and admitted that Leech would not have a normal life as a result of his interference. Prior to him returning to the sewers, Storm tried to convince him to rejoin the X-Men. Once he repudiated, Storm told him that she was proud, which made him smile. In the meantime, Charles approached Leech's mother and offered him a place at the Xavier Mansion.

Apocalypse showdown


Prior to the inevitable showdown with Apocalypse, the X-Men were faced with two more events that sent them on less stressful perils. The first was the reappearance of Gambit, who had been watching Rogue during the time that Acolytes had been disbanded. Rogue had been thinking about leaving the X-Men ever since she started recalling what she had done to her mother. Gambit tried to help her by kidnapping her following an argument between her and Nightcrawler, and tried to show her the way and was able to coerce her into helping him rescue his father. He took control of her sympathy, and also did not show much gripe when the X-Men began to assist the three in getting out of the place his father had been stored in.

Shadowcat affected by Danielle XME

Once the group resolved the conflict, Wolverine put him against a tree and was ready to interrogate him, but stopped at the request of Rogue. Rogue complimented Gambit on doing the "wrong thing for the right reason", and made it clear to him that she planned to go back with the X-Men. He parted with her, giving her his signature Queen of Hearts card. She rekindled her relationship with Nightcrawler, Shadowcat came under fire by the X-Men in her mind when she believed that Danielle Moonstar began to enter their dreams and cause torment for them.

When she woke up, Shadowcat realized that Danielle had reached her telepathically. She refused to believe the girl did not exist, despite the protest of the X-Men and found her once she conducted an investigation of her own, and reunited her with her grandfather that had not seen her in two years as a result. Mesmero was rather joyful after this, with Apocalypse's plans beginning to go underway. Wolverine confronted him and with the help of Jean, captured him as well. The X-Men interrogated him, and learned of Apocalypse's plan; to trigger the dormant X-Gene in humans so that most would turn into mutants while others would not survive.

Learning that the Pyramids had to do with the plan, Charles planned to depart with Storm to discuss the issue with Apocalypse, though his course of action was heavily criticized by Jean. Despite the latter offering to come along with him, Charles declined her invitation, and was resentful of answering her question as to whether or not he would return after leaving. When he and Storm arrived in Apocalypse's airspace, Charles communicated with Beast and tried to get him to stop the students from overhearing their conversation, though it became evident that he was too late. Charles thanked the team for their support and tried to begin a communication with the Apocalypse.

It worked, and the latter came out, intimidating the group as they viewed him on the monitor. Charles began to speak, and made it clear that he was not impressed by his plans. Apocalypse resented his ideals, and quickly lifted him in the air, with Storm intervening in quick succession. Apocalypse was not phased, and took the two by his powers. He made them implode, and returned to his domain, disturbing the X-Men and causing them to feel horrible. When Nick Fury arrived at the Xavier Mansion, he notified the group of the Sentinels he had deployed on the scene, and began to rely on the team once Apocalypse unveiled his horsemen, which prompted Wolverine to take command of the group.

He had Shadowcat and Nightcrawler go to the Brotherhood of Mutants and Spyke, both of which proved successful in the long run and also had Cyclops and Jean go after anyone else they could think off while assigning Rogue with a special mission. Once the four teams were assembled, the X-Men departed to the three pyramids and the Sphinx to face the individual members of the horsemen of Apocalypse. Wolverine knew that all their strengths and weaknesses and the time they spent learning about them, all came down to this. He knew that that night, they were the world's last, best hope to stop Apocalypse and that they would need to trash the pyramids no matter who they had to go through to do it.


The X-Men divided into four groups. The teams were divided to combat all four of the horsemen at once, and were aware that Apocalypse would most likely be with one of them. During the trial against the horsemen, three Sentinels were deployed to attack the center of their power's transfer, which if successful, would be able to stop the conversion of most humans to mutants and the deaths that would result in not having a dormant X-Gene. Apocalypse caught wind of this, and called a number of the horsemen to combat the Sentinels, and succeeded in destroying them, though not before they were able to cause some severe damage to his plans.

While fighting against Charles, Jean tried to appeal to him to change his mind, but since he was under the control of Apocalypse, he responded by attacking her. Shadowcat struggled to convince Scarlet Witch to fight her father while Cyclops and Nightcrawler were both knocked out by Mystique and Apocalypse, leaving Wolverine to duel against the former while the latter continued to invest his time in his work. Rogue was kept out of the battle until the end, and flew to the Sphinx to stop the epidemic by harming it at the root. She took the powers of Leech, and shot Apocalypse with them, causing the horsemen to revert to themselves. Apocalypse tried to stop her, but was unable to keep her from causing him to delve through time and space once she reactivated the Sphinx and shut him inside the Eye of Ages.


A number of years after the defeat of Apocalypse, Jean became possessed by the Phoenix Force and ignited into flames. Sometime after, the X-Men held a membership of Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Shadowcat, Storm, Beast, Iceman, X-23 and Colossus. They continued to endure mutant suppression, and were also strove to show the world that mutants could be viewed in a positive light. Even with enemies like Nimrod approaching them with an army of Sentinels, the group continued to hold up to its creed, of being ready for anything, no matter how terrible or wondrous.


Iceman was supposed to be a member from the first season, but he was taken out and replaced by Spyke.

This version of the X-Men arguably is more similar to the Ultimate version of the group than the mainstream comic version. Though the series is notably not based on the Ultimate version, since it debuted before the comic was released, the two have common traits.

The costumes the future members of the team wear are similar in design to those of the movie costumes of the characters.

X-Men Evolution Alternate Costumes Concept

Concept art created for the series showed some different versions of the characters. Most notably, Storm was in white similar to her version from X-Men; Rogue had a large yellow X across her chest; Shadowcat had a miniskirt, tank top, and mask; and Wolverine was in his red and orange outfit.

In the Comics

The original team consisted of Angel, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, and Iceman.

Though many started off as teenagers, the main group of X-Men seen in the series are adults. In fact, there is a love triangle between Jean, Scott, and Logan. But since the two were made into teenagers, the love triangle moved from Logan to a high school jock.

Colossus, Magneto, Mystique, Sabretooth, Gambit, Forge and Angel have joined the team.

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