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World War II
World War II.jpg
Paris, France under Nazi control during the war
Real Name World War II
Alternate Name Second World War, WWII, WW2
Winners Allies (United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Russia), Captain America, Logan, Six American Warriors, Andre Cocteau, Howling Commandos, Justine Cocteau, Happy Sawyer
Losers Nazi, Germany, Adolf Hitler, Red Skull, Baron Zemo

World War II (also called Second World War, WWII, and WW2) was a major war involving the United States of America, United Kingdom, France, and Russia (in an alliance called the Allies) fighting against Nazi Germany.


Among the people fighting for the Allies were Captain America, Logan, and the Six American Warriors. Red Skull fought for Germany. Logan and Cap were sent on a mission to free a captured scientist, but he turned against them and fled with the Nazis. Later, Logan found out that the scientist wasn't a traitor but an informant. Towards the end Red Skull secretly invaded New York City and constructed a large device to create his doomsday weapon. Captain America and the Six American Warriors found the facility but Cap and Skull were caught in a time vortex and appeared lost.

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