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World Trade Center Bombing
WTC Bombed Garage.png
Damaged remains of the bombed garage
Real Name World Trade Center Bombing

The World Trade Center Bombing was an attempt by terrorists to destroy the World Trade Center. While the bomb detonated, the buildings survived for the most part with relatively minor damage. Cleaning up the damage took several years, and the residue from the bomb remained for quite some time.

Kraven the Hunter was able to detect the bomb residue in the webbing of Man-Spider. He tracked Man Spider to a damaged garage and saved Punisher. After the two used Dr. Mariah Crawford's serum to turn Man Spider back into Spider-Man, Kraven explained that he detected the residue and deduced that it was from the World Trade Center.


This was a real attack that happened on February 26, 1993, two years before the airing of "Duel of the Hunters", to the real World Trade Center.

On September 11, 2001 terrorists hijaked airplanes, flew two into the Twin Towers destroying them, and murdering about three thousand people. Out of respect for those killed, Kraven's explanation in "Duel of the Hunters" was removed and it was changed to simply an anonymous garage. Though it creates confusion as to how Kraven was able to track Man-Spider.

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