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Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn
Wolverine Versus Sabretooth Reborn.jpg
DVD box art
Beginning date March 24, 2015
End date March 24, 2015
Number of Episodes 4
Writers Jeph Loeb
Producers Rob Simmons
Jeph Loeb
Dan Buckley
Alan Fine
Joe Quesada
Eric Radomski
Todd Casey
Kalia Cheng

Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn is a motion comic series by Marvel Knights Animation. It is a sequel to Wolverine Versus Sabretooth.


Sabretooth has returned from seeming death -- but how did he survive his beheading all those years ago? And which Sabretooth is the real one?! As the immortal manipulator Romulus returns from the ebon folds of the Darkforce Dimension, a mysterious red-headed woman comes to Wolverine's rescue...and when her identity and connection to Romulus are revealed, secrets will be revealed that rewrite Wolverine's history once again! What does Romulus offer Sabretooth that can compare to his lifelong vendetta against Wolverine? As the villainous duo's plans unfold, Wolverine finds himself forced to make a terrible a decision: stop Sabretooth, or stop Romulus...and deal with the lives that are lost either way!


Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn was adapted from the four issue comic series called Sabretooth Reborn which ran through the Wolverine comic line in 2012.


Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn lasted one season consisting of four episodes.

  • Wolverine Versus Sabretooth: Reborn Episodes


Actor Role(s)
Brian Drummond Wolverine/Logan
Ron Halder Sabretooth/Victor Creed
Kazumi Evans Rogue
Heather Doerksen Psylocke/Elizabeth Braddock
Kathleen Barr Storm/Ororo Munroe
Omari Newton Black Panther/T'Challa
Alessandro Juliani Wild Child/Kyle Gibney
Trevor Devall Cyclops/Scott Summers
Michael Dobson Romulus
Trish Pattendon Remus
Adrian Holmes Cloak/Tyrone Johnson
Mariee Devereux Dagger/Tandy Bowen


Name Position
Carl Upsdell Director
Mauro Casalese Supervising Director
Jeph Loeb Writer
Executive Producer
Rob Simmons Producer
Dan Buckley Executive Producer
Alan Fine Executive Producer
Joe Quesada Executive Producer
Eric Radomski Co-Executive Producer
Todd Casey Consulting Producer
Kalia Cheng Supervising Producer


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