Wolverine XME.jpg
Real Name Logan
Alternate Identity Wolverine
Powers and Abilities Healing Factor, Animal Senses and Adamantium Claws
Team Affiliations X-Men
Allies Brotherhood of Mutants
Family and Friends X-23 (Clone)
Wolverine is the from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Wolverine is the codename used by the man known only as Logan. He is a mutant and adult member of the X-Men and formerly a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Sometime into his membership on the team, it became evident that elements of his past had come back to haunt him, such as Sabretooth and the scientist that had installed the chip in him. Despite this, he still managed to form relationships with the other X-Men, most prominently Shadowcat, and also extending to Rogue, Nightcrawler and even a female clone of himself named X-23.

Right before mutants were revealed, Wolverine was captured by Bolivar Trask and used to test his Sentinel in combat, who defeated him. He abandoned the X-Men after Cyclops wanted to take command after falling out with him and later reconciled with him. Once Omega Red and Madame Hydra found him, they unsuccessfully used him as bait to lure X-23 out and capture her. He served as leader of the X-Men once Charles Xavier and Storm were seemingly killed, only to turn up as Horsemen of Apocalypse. Once they revealed themselves, he partook in the mission to secure the Sphinx, which contributed to saving the world from Apocalypse.


Return to the X-Men

In his casual clothing

Sometime after his departure, Logan approached a store and viewed a newspaper following removing his glove, which detailed an explosion that occurred at Bayville High School. Knowing that it had something to do with the X-Men, Logan referred to it as trouble at home. As the merchant tried to make contact with him, Logan confirmed that he wanted the newspaper, and did subtle by telling him that it was the reason he was holding it. Following a request to the man to get him a bottle of water, Logan nearly made his powers known by slicing of the top as he finished it and walked out. The mutant Toad was being tested by Storm and had started to make his way to leave. Once Logan arrived there, Charles got him to leave the boy alone by explaining what had happened. Logan allowed him to pass by, but also made it known that he had smelled trouble and mocked Toad's stench by implicating it may have been the way he smelled. Charles was happy to have him back, which Logan parted his hat to.

Sabretooth skirmish

The aforementioned villain tried to call him out while he was cleaning his motorcycle, which convinced Wolverine to begin to pursue him. While he was cycling, he was seen by his teammates Cyclops and Nightcrawler, both of whom chose to follow him as the latter used his abilities to make sure they did not lose sight of where he was. Wolverine began a duel against his longtime enemy, piercing the motorcycle he was driving and causing immense damage to it. In response, Sabretooth caused him to fall into the parking lot and started to try and crush him with a car, before Cyclops and Nightcrawler intervened. As the two made it apparent that they were no closer to defeating him than he was, Wolverine decided to aid them and did just that, causing Sabretooth to try and retreat using an elevator. Despite sinking his claws into it, Sabretooth still managed to escape with the promise of an impending rematch. In response to their intervention, he recalled that he did not fight their battles and wished that they would not try to get involved in his.


Rogue, a mutant with the abilities to absorb the powers and memories of anyone she touches, was discovered as a mutant during a dance in which she touched a boy and rendered him in a helpless state. Around this time, Wolverine was doing a training exercise with Storm, where he was trying to break in as a ninja. During the session, he successfully was able to get inside his planned entry point, though was briefly frozen during a test in the Danger Room. While inside, he used his powers to attack and destroy some of the projectiles sent his way by his teammate. However, Charles stopped his attacks on part of financial stresses. Impressed with his work, Wolverine cited that he delivered when giving a demonstration. Charles approached the group later on, and alerted them of Rogue's dilemma.

Aboard the Blackbird, Nightcrawler tried to impress Shadowcat after she seemingly expressed romantic interest in Cyclops. Once he failed and apologized for falling into her, she went to the front of the Blackbird. As she got to the front, Wolverine merely recalled his impressions of children. When arriving in Mississippi, Wolverine questioned the necessity of Charles going in Cody's mind, the boy Rogue had touched and taken the abilities of. Wolverine went with Shadowcat and Nightcrawler to search for any clues regarding her after Charles's insight into her mind revealed that she was very confused and as a result, hard to pinpoint. While going through the trash, Wolverine explained why they were doing it in the first place to Shadowcat. As the group found Rogue, they tried to confront her and only caused her to run away in the process.

Due to this, Wolverine gave Nightcrawler permission to go after her. What he failed to realize, was that Mystique had impersonated Wolverine during her attack against the girl. Taking offense to being called "Half-pint" by Wolverine, Shadowcat charged at the girl in an attempt to prove how strong she was. She proved Nightcrawler's role in convincing her that the team was good a failure and only caused her to touch him and flee accidentally with the use of his powers. Wolverine rejoined with Charles and the other X-Men, explaining to them what Nightcrawler was doing. However, Shadowcat telepathically contacted Charles and explained to him what had happened.

In response to learning of his teammate's harmful condition, Wolverine lamented leaving the three alone and went with the rest of the group to see Nightcrawler. Rogue was confronted by Storm while she rejected the X-Men and absorbed her powers upon contact. She caused a large uproar and only Cyclops and Jean were left to stop it. However, she used Nightcrawler's powers of teleportation to get away and did so. Wolverine arrived right after with the rest of the team, and realized that Mystique was behind the orchestrated pandemonium between them and the girl.


A mutant named Fred Dukes was preforming for a crowd, of which Wolverine and Jean were a part of. However, he began to be ridiculed by the townspeople and exited the area in a fit of rage. Backstage, he was ready to get away from the people for being mocked and accepted to listen to Mystique about her proposal, of which was supposed to get him out of the circus and into Bayville High School. Jean introduced herself to him the next day and decided to try and convince him to join the X-Men. However, he began to get romantically attracted to her and tried to get her to go on a date with him. Jean refused, though only because she has some things to do and offered herself for another time. Fred kidnapped her and took her to a secluded area, where she awoke strapped to a chair.

Around that time, Wolverine and Charles were instructing Shadowcat and Nightcrawler during training. The two kids were supposed to keep a football away from their opponent, with Shadowcat securing the ball before Nightcrawler got it. Once she obtained it again and grabbed him by the tail, Wolverine criticized what they were doing and had his opinions debated by Charles, who referred to the act she preformed as innovation and received a telepathic message from Jean. The latter explained to him what had happened to her, information that Charles relayed to the X-Men. Wolverine went on his own after ordering Nightcrawler to go get Cyclops, and arrived first at the location. There, he attacked Blob and was defeated by being squeezed, even having his unconscious body thrown at Cyclops after the latter began to fight the obese mutant. Rogue took Cyclops's powers and defeated Blob, in the process saving Jean and claiming to not understand why she participated in her recovery.

Sometime afterward, Evan Daniels, the nephew of Storm joined the X-Men following being framed for the damaging of some lockers at his school. During a dinner with the X-Men, Charles expressed that he would not purge the boy's memories for the information and believed that he would tell them when he was ready. Wolverine did not feel the same way, and believed that Evan would probably try to get back at whoever had wronged him inside of asking Charles for help, citing that he knew what a boy was thinking when he had been wronged. During a training exercise, Evan failed to win. However, Wolverine was impressed by his determination and helped him up as he was called away to Bayville High School to have a match against his old school. There, Wolverine's theory was proven correct, as Evan did try to fight Pietro by himself and was able to defeat him with the help of Scott and Jean.

Rogue's entry into the X-Men

Wolverine participated in a training exercise with the other members of the X-Men, where he was a security guard alongside Storm while the younger members had to break out a prisoner. As Cyclops and Nightcrawler descend to the prisoner with the use of Jean's telekinesis, Wolverine, acting as a security guard, poked her and caused her to lose focus. Cyclops grabbed the prisoner and was surprised to learn it was Rogue, which only caused him to question why the group was using her as an enemy in a simulation when she was supposed to be someone they wanted to recruit. Once he and Jena got to Bayville High School, Rogue learned of their simulation from Mystique, who overheard them talking as well. She replaced Jean with Rogue on the trip and started to actually find some common group with Scott, though still confronted him about his simulation. Mystique broke off the two's conversation and revealed her real form, and also attacked them. Wolverine was amongst the X-Men when they flew into the snow to get to them, and complained about Storm not going as fast as he believed that she could. Once the group found Mystique as she was attacking Scott and Rogue, Wolverine demanded for her to give up and saw her off as she flew away in the form of a bird. Later, he was present during the X-Men's discussion over why the adult members had not told them their principal was really Mystique.


Evan was assigned a make up project for not having completed his original one with adequacy in a class. The project was supposed to be current events around him that he would shoot and film. As a result, he shot footage of Wolverine going to the Xavier Mansion, and indirectly gave Sabretooth the directions to it. Wolverine trained with Cyclops, during which they were filmed by Evan. Wolverine started to criticize him for even using the device in the first place, particularly at the Xavier Mansion and erased some of his footage for the fact that Evan could jeopardize their position as mutants, and that he had made him mad. While going through the other parts of the camera's footage, he found a video from Sabretooth where the latter expressed happiness in being able to see him and know where he was located.

Sabretooth soon arrived at the Xavier Mansion, where Wolverine confronted him. As Charles contacted him telepathically, he questioned Wolverine as to why he had not been able to keep their location secret from his enemy. Wolverine acknowledged that he did, but also pointed out that Evan had been responsible for the Xavier Mansion's finding by Sabretooth and noted him as an accomplice. The other members of the group came to their aid, which helped greatly in defeating him. However, Wolverine did not have an entirely easy time after this, and confronted Charles about the earlier squabble. In the talk the two had, Wolverine expressed his belief that Sabretooth was going to try and get someone at the mansion and use them as a hostage. Charles understood where he was coming from and agreed with him on having the kids stay at the mansion.

While he confronted Scott, he told him of the rules and questioned where the others were. Scott gave him instructions that Kurt and Jean were upstairs, but that Evan, Rogue and Kitty had gone off. Realizing they were in danger, he rushed to their alleged meeting point and found the group being attacked by Sabretooth as he confronted him. The enemy of the X-Men was defeated by Rogue, who used her powers to absorb his abilities and gained a beasty form as a result. Wolverine dubbed her transformation as the finishing touch, and promptly grounded the three as he told them that they could have been killed. Sabretooth had his memories erased, and was dumped off to the middle of the arctic.


Wolverine was one of the students's choices in terms of their survival training that the professor wished they take. Wolverine was used as a means of the group recalling how lucky they were to be at Ironback Survival Training Camp. Charles Xavier's brother Juggernaut broke out of prison with the help of Mystique and was sent by her to the Xavier Mansion to get Cerebro. Wolverine checked on Charles during his use of the system and once discovering his brother was out, took steps to ensure that he would be kept safe from him. Wolverine did not resent the fact that if he could not protect his longtime friend, he would best be safe in the Danger Room. As Juggernaut arrived at the mansion, Wolverine confronted him and quickly attacked the large brute. However, he demonstrated his own powers by knocking him repeatedly through the walls of the mansion.

Wolverine continued to try and stop him from harming Charles, and even Mystique, who he had turned on in the process of becoming a traitor, partially due to his anger at her for the constant insults she had used while he operated under her. During that time, Storm went to pick up the X-Men and managed to get the Brotherhood of Mutants as well after informing them of their two leaders being in trouble of great bodily harm. While the two teams attacked Juggernaut, Wolverine tried to assist them by telling them to remove his helmet. They did, and with that Charles was able to defeat him telepathically, using his mind to enter and dominate his. Juggernaut was stored afterwards, though that would not be the end of the X-Men's troubles with him.

Nightcrawler's past

Rogue began having nightmares about Nightcrawler, as a baby and when he first obtained his powers. The dreams were a result of her touching Mystique, who was the woman seen running in the memories from a cloaked figure, of which was Magneto. Charles and the rest of the X-Men naturally took part in trying to ascertain his future, by unlocking his past. Wolverine planned to visit an old castle that was used to experiment on Nightcrawler, though did not count on Quicksilver telling his father about his planned entry. Magneto set it to blow, which only caused problems for Wolverine as he tried to escape, and was forced to dodge explosions as they detonated. Once returning, he related to Charles that whoever was in charge of the castle did not want any of its mysteries to be uncovered.

Mt. McKenna

Wolverine began to have some chronic pains in his head, and deemed it to be related to his Weapon X involvement. Wolverine associated the two as connected once he had a dream regarding the Weapon X program, and woke up somewhat startled. The next day, Shadowcat wrote to her parents and had trouble finding some privacy. While Wolverine silently read the newspaper that day, he noticed Kitty staring at him. Wolverine joked with her, by trying to see if his reading to himself was too loud for her. As Kitty debunked feeling that way, the rest of the team came in. Wolverine cranked the volume up on the television and soon heard about Mt. McKenna, of which he was completely all too familiar with and retreated into his room. There, he suffered some head pains and was confronted by Kitty as to his condition, though he claimed that he was merely redecorating during his tenure of using his powers uncontrollably and causing much collateral damage.

Shadowcat began to grow suspicious, though continued to hold her writing to her parents as top priority and went into the Blackbird to get away from the others, though only managed to get involved with Nightcrawler along the way. Wolverine began to seek some aid from Charles, and allowed him to enter his mind. Inside, he saw his repressed memories of how he got his powers during the Weapon X experiment and indirectly paved way for Wolverine's intended departure to the mountain. To get to Mt. McKenna, Wolverine was intent on using the Blackbird, though was unaware that Kitty and Kurt were still aboard. As he took off in the sky, he was confronted by Nightcrawler, who he nearly harmed with his claws. He tried to ascertain why the two were as he believed following him, though his rage took over from the chip and caused him to seal himself off from the two to keep them safe.

Once the flight was completed and he arrived on Mt. McKenna, he descended to the mountain and was followed by Shadowcat and Nightcrawler, though the two were not witness to his beating by Sabretooth, who was given aid in defeating him by the scientist that had been responsible for the chip in the first place. Taken back to the man's base, the scientist used a device of his to amplify the effects of the chip on Wolverine and sent him out with Sabretooth to test how well he would obey him. Shadowcat and Nightcrawler were continuing their search when they saw Wolverine emerging from some clouds, though it quickly became apparent that he was working with Sabretooth and overall not on their side when he started to chase them down. While Sabretooth went after Nightcrawler, Wolverine went after Shadowcat and was nearly successfully in doing anything but terrifying her, as she escaped using her powers. However, Wolverine believed he had killed her and after trying to investigate the scene, was only horrified at what he had done.

Shadowcat phased behind him and was soon accompanied by Nightcrawler. As the former tried to help him, she was discouraged by her teammate, though continued once expressing her belief that he would be reached with her words. Once she sprung the question of whether or not he wanted to hurt her, Wolverine's dance with morality ended and he became fully-good again. Sabretooth attacked him right after he and his surrogate daughter hugged, and only allowed Wolverine to make his way to the scientist's lab. There, he broke in and was quickly detained by robots, which Shadowcat managed to nullify the effects of once she phased herself through the controls and disabled them. After she aided him, Wolverine called for her to retire from the battle and depart with Nightcrawler. She did just that, though was initially unwilling. Wolverine saw to the end of his torment and the destruction of the base, of which he emerged from beaten and battered.

Wolverine was taken to the Xavier Mansion, where he was given care by the other members of the group and visited constantly by Shadowcat. In addition, the chip that had been implanted in his head and had been giving him pains had also been removed. Wolverine woke up sometime after these events, and was met by Charles, who explained everything to him. Wolverine was surprised to learn of what had happened to him, and was unaware how much his trip with Shadowcat had improved her view of the X-Men from being a home of mutants that seems to big and annoys each other to a family of its own.

Asteroid M

Magneto saw fit that mutants be forced to compete against each other for sanctuary on Asteroid M, of which he had constructed over some period of time. Around that time, he also met Alex Summers after his powers manifested and tried to recruit him, and enticed the boy by mentioning his brother Cyclops, who he had not seen since he was a child. Charles picked up his signal and was surprised to see the young man in such a personal setting, given that his brother was a student of his. Wolverine was surprised about his very existence, mentioning that he did not even know Cyclops's brother was still alive. Charles related to him that Cyclops was also not aware and informed him as Wolverine took the pilot seat of the Blackbird, before the three departed and left the rest of the X-Men behind.

Wolverine joined Cyclops in looking for his brother on a beach while Charles stayed inside the jet. Magneto decided to make his presence known by beginning to pilot the Blackbird with his powers and causing it to move, with Charles inside and with the intent of going to Asteroid M. Wolverine pursued, leaving Cyclops to reunite privately with his brother. Wolverine was somewhat rendered inadequate in saving the mentor, as Magneto used his powers of magnetism to stop Wolverine from pursing them any further and cast him off the jet. Wolverine was met on ground by Sabretooth, who he was evenly matched with as he revealed indirectly bits and pieces of Magneto's master plan.

Charles, now aboard Asteroid M and about to be taken out of commission by Magneto for trying to tell Cyclops the truth about his motives, demanded for Wolverine to lose the battle so that he would not be abducted and taken to Asteroid M like he was, and instead could gather up the X-Men and combat the Brotherhood of Mutants and their leader. Despite being somewhat confused, Wolverine complied and allowed himself to be defeated, allowing Sabretooth to advance. Mystique had defeated Storm, and was in the process of getting arrangements with the X-Men as to whether go with them or by herself. Wolverine interrupted her talk with the group and Toad, and gladly professed that she would be going with them.

However, once Mystique tried to take control on the pretense that she knew the man, Wolverine denied her demand and prepared to depart with the other members of the group before she complied and chose to accompany them. While the group flew there, Toad began to express noxiousness in how the plane was being piloted, which was not helped by Wolverine's comment to him. As the group arrived, Magneto tried to seize their jet and was unable to do so due to it being made of plastic, which Charles orchestrated to keep him from using his powers. Wolverine quickly freed Rogue, Storm, Jean and Charles before being attacked by Sabretooth, who's powers had been amplified and had a much more imposing figure. Wolverine had his hands tied with his mortal enemy for the most part, yet still managed to duel him and escape prior to the explosion. Wolverine joined the others in standing outside, as they looked on to their future.

Powers and Abilities

Wolverine has a healing factor and six adamantium claws. During the time that the mental domination chip installed in his head went off, his claws only complimented how dangerous he was and made it almost impossible for anyone to be around him for a prolonged amount of time. His abilities were somewhat heightened as well, as he had decided to give in to his animalistic urges while the chip was influencing him and proceeded to attack Shadowcat while she was trying to pursue him. The act caused Kitty to be scared of him, and even sum up some courage of her own to try and get him to come back to his senses. Once he regained control, he used his abilities to stop the scientist once and for all, showing that his powers could be used for a level of good as well.

His powers proved of little avail once Magneto tried to get Charles alone while he and the latter had accompanied Scott to meet his brother Alex. Despite using his claws to stay atop the Blackbird, Magneto recalled his own control of magnetism, which given the fact that Wolverine was made of metal, this proved to be against his favor as he was launched off. In the ensuring fight against Sabretooth, his powers would have allowed him to defeat the villain had it not been for Charles ordering him to give in so that he could save him and the others captured above Asteroid M. Once arriving on the aforementioned asteroid, Wolverine found his powers in very little comparison when faced against Sabretooth, who used his powers to trample the latter and completely pulverize him in the process. Despite this, he still managed to survive against the villain and even was able to hold him off for a period of time.


Logan's personality is mostly that of a lone wolf. He tries to be a good person and protect the kids at the Xavier's school.

Logan is very short tempered. Despite this, Logan has a soft side, as can be seen when Kitty manages to stop him from killing herself and Kurt. He also acted very caring with X-23, even hugging her and letting her cry into him after her meltdown from their fight. His students respect him highly, however they claim that his lessons are "torture". Once, they tried to make him step in after Jean and Scott went "power crazy" when they became teachers at the institute.

Logan also has a dry and sometimes mean sense of humor. He and Xavier may share this as their only similar trait, especially since the two have most likely known each other the longest of any of the X-Men.

His ego is also an exceeding factor of him. During a race with Cannonball, he related to the latter that he would have had a much different race than the one they had after he used his powers. The boy thought he meant he believed he would have won, which Wolverine openly denied and instead insisted that their race would have been close.


Charles Xavier

Wolverine and Charles became close allies over the course of their tenure as members of the X-Men. Wolverine left the group sometime after, though quickly returned to Charles's side once he smelled trouble when the group was testing Toad. After Charles explained what was going on, he welcomed him home. Charles knew of his rivalry with Sabretooth, and set an agreement to have the X-Man have a rival, though manage to keep him away from the mansion and never allow him to have any chances of locating them. When Sabretooth found the place eventually, Wolverine had no complaint relating to Charles how he felt about him learning where they lived. When Wolverine contemplated going to Mt. McKenna, Charles tried to aid him by using his telepathy to enter his mind and see what was the cause for his recent pain. After he returned, Charles had a part in removing the chip that had been placed in his head during his involvement with the Weapon X experimentation.

Captain America

Captain America and Logan saved the captives in a concentration camp. Logan then spent his life trying to find a way to revive his friend, who was cryogenically frozen.


The two quickly became close after she joined the X-Men, though did not exactly see eye-to-eye initially. Once Kitty joined the team, she displayed some fish out of water type behaviors, which Wolverine attributed to her inexperience. To further his recollection of just how much of a neophyte she really was, he would refer to her by the term, "Half-pint". He first used it on her when the team went to recruit Rogue, which only bothered the girl and ultimately drove their mission to be a failure. Shadowcat did early on seem confident in his skills, as she instantly believed him once he stated that Mystique had attacked Rogue in an effort to disturb the groups efforts towards recruiting her.

Jean Grey

Logan and Jean are shown to have a close bond. Logan is shown as a "gruff uncle" towards Jean, often referring to her as "Red" and is very supportive towards the idea of Jean and Scott dating, going as far to tell Cyclops that if "[Scott] doesn't tell her, [Logan] will," hinting that he knows Scott is in love with Jean, additionally smiling at the two of them on the plane whispering that "it's about time" the two confessed they had feelings towards each other. Logan seems to hold Jean to high regard when she starts becoming a teacher for the New Mutants at the institute. When Bobby and Jamie whine to Logan about Scott and Jean's classes of teaching physics of mutant powers, Logan insists that if Jean and Cyclops have something to teach them, it's probably something worth while.


Scott and Logan are shown to have a fairly good relationship and a respect toward one another. Logan supports Scott wanting to date Jean, and possibly sees him as his own kid. Logan expects highly of Scott, and when Scott leads the X-Men in taking down Juggernaut, Logan praises him and tells him he did a good job. When Scott becomes a teacher for the New Mutants, Logan is shown to hold Scott to high regard, insisting if Scott and Jean have something to teach the students, it's probably valuable. Although they occasionally compete with one another due to both having big egos, they rarely step on each other's toes.


Logan first learns of X-23 when hearing Hydra made a clone of him and tried turning a little girl into a vicious killer. When Logan hears this, he is angry and horrified. And instead of turning 23 over to Nick Fury and SHIELD, he takes her under his wing and holds her as she cries in his arms. He loves her like a daughter, and considers himself her true father.


Wolverine was voiced by Scott McNeil.

Wolverine was given a single episode to himself each season, though the last two had the spotlight also on his female clone X-23.

Wolverine's costume change in the third season was requested by Marvel. The costume in question, design-wise, draws heavily from the Ultimate costume of the character, which ironically would not be used during the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

In the Comics

It was eventually discovered that his name was James Howlett, but this was not established in the series.

Wolverine competes with Cyclops for the love of Jean Grey. But since she was changed to a teenager, the love triangle changed from Wolverine to a high school jock.

Has been to Japan with Shadowcat. Also had a father-daughter relationship with both her, in a more apparent way than it is portrayed in the series and Jubilee.

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