Real Name Whistler
Powers and Abilities Vampire Hunting Tools
Allies Blade
Terri Lee
Black Cat
Michael Morbius

The man known only as Whistler is a powerless human who has spent his life hunting vampires. He trained the superhero Blade and, following a crippling injury, helps him continue fighting the forces of darkness.


Physical Therapy
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Whistler found Blade and, recognizing his potential as a half-human and half-vampire, trained him to hunt and kill the undead. He came up with many weapons including a serum to help fight Blade's vampire urges. They came to New York City to hunt Michael Morbius but Spider-Man stopped them. They later assisted Spider-Man and Morbius in fighting Mirium.


Whistler was voiced by Malcolm McDowell in his first two appearances and Oliver Muirhead in his latter two.

The character was created by David S. Goyer for the first Blade film. The film was still in the early stages of production with the Spider-Man writing staff learned of the character and decided to use him, making this the first version anywhere. He has yet to appear in the comics despite being prominently featured in the films and connected live-action television series. The films establish his full name as Abraham Whistler, based on the character Abraham Van Helsing originally created by Bram Stoker. [1]

He is based on Jamal Afari, Blade's mentor in the comics.

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