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What If...?
What If Announcement
Beginning date Summer 2021
Number of Episodes 23 (Currently Announced)
Original Channel Disney+
Note: this article describes an upcoming release.

What If...? is an upcoming series. It will be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This will be the first animated project officially part of the popular universe.


Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will oversee the project. The series will premiere on the upcoming streaming service Disney+.


Based on the popular line of comics, What If...? will explore various possible alternatives in the Cinematic Universe. Feige has continuously teased that one idea will be if Peggy Carter, not Steve Rogers, got the Super Soldier Serum. Another episode teased will follow a classic issue of Loki finding Mjolnir.[1][2]

At the 2019 Disney D23, Marvel confirmed two stories that would be part of the story. The first is if Peggy Carter took the super soldier serum and became Captain Britain, unrelated to the mutant character of the same name. Her shield will have a Union Jack in the middle rather than the American star. The other story will involve Steve Rogers becoming Iron Man.[3]

A teaser at the 2019 Disney D23 confirmed that the Marvel Zombies would be part of the series.[4] Marvel Zombies was a popular alternate horror-based universe that spun off from the Ultimate universe.


Actor Role(s)
Jeffrey Wright Uatu
Michael B. Jordan N'Jadaka/Erik Stevens/Killmonger
Sebastian Stan James "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier
Josh Brolin Thanos
Mark Ruffalo Bruce Banner/Hulk
Tom Hiddleston Loki
Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury
Chris Hemsworth Thor
Hayley Atwell Peggy Carter
Chadwick Boseman T'Challa/Black Panther
Karen Gillan Nebula
Jeremy Renner Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Paul Rudd Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Michael Douglas Hank Pym/Ant-Man
Neal McDonough Dum Dum Dugan
Dominic Cooper Howard Stark
Sean Gunn Kraglin
Natalie Portman Jane Foster
David Dastmalchian Kurt
Stanley Tucci Abraham Erskine
Taika Waititi Korg
Toby Jones Arnim Zola
Djimon Hounsou Korath
Jeff Goldblum Grandmaster
Michael Rooker Yondu
Chris Sullivan Taserface

As of yet, all actors confirmed for the series are reprising their roles from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[5]

This is the second time Hayley Atwell has reprised the voice of Agent Carter for animation following her turn on Avengers Assemble.

Sean Gunn has also provided the physical motion capture for Rocket Raccoon and Thanos, though it is unlikely he will for this series.

At the 2019 Disney D23, Marvel stated that almost the entire cast of the MCU will be playing on the series, though it did not confirm any more voices.[6] The same panel confirmed a story that Steve Rogers would become Iron Man though did not confirm if Chris Evans was returning after he said he was done with the role.


There are currently twenty-three episodes announced, which is the same number of movies in the MCU at the time of the announcement.[7]


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