Real Name Wellington Yinsen
Allies Tony Stark

Wellington Yinsen was an inventor. He was key to the creation of Iron Man shortly before his death.


Yinsen was held hostage alongside Tony Stark by the Mandarin, who wanted them to build an invincible armor for him. They complied, but decided to have Tony wear the armor to make them escape, and made a dummy in his likeness to keep his identity secret. Tony was unable to save Yinsen from the blast of one of the Mandarin's rings and had to escape alone.


Yinsen was voiced by Neil Ross.

Similar to Walter Stark, Yinsen's first name was changed for the series. In the original comics, he was called Ho Yinsen.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In the Comics

His name was Ho Yinsen.

Yinsen and Tony were captured by a man named Wong-Chu.

He built a magnetic chest plate for Tony to stop shrapnel from damaging his heart. In the series, it was changed to spinal problems.

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