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Spider-Man Loads Webshooters During Scorpion Robot Attack.jpg
Real Name Web-Shooter
Powers and Abilities Fires Web Fluid
Team Affiliations Spider-Men
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Web Fluid
Spider Tracer
Spider Tracker

A web shooter is a device created by Spider-Man to fire web fluid.


The web shooter is a small, compact device that fits on Peter Parker's wrists. They are small enough to not be noticed under his costume.

The device holds small capsules of compact web fluid. They are loaded into the device and sprayed out through small tubes that extend through the costume.

A pressure sensitive button extends into his palm. It is pressed with the middle and ring fingers together, but will not work if the whole hand is put into a fist. The spray changes depending on the amount of pressure.

The shooter can create a variety of sprays to create web lines, balls, sprays, hammocks, bags, or even hang gliders.

They are normally quite durable, though Green Goblin destroyed them with his incredible strength.


Peter first designed the shooters to fire his web fluid. He showed them off on the series It's Amazing where he shot the flame of a candle.

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