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Web Fluid
Real Name Web Fluid
Powers and Abilities Sticky Substance
Team Affiliations Spider-Men
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends Web Shooter
Spider Tracer
Spider Tracker

Web Fluid is a substance designed by Spider-Man for his superhero career.


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Web fluid is contained in small capsules. Spider-Man stores extra capsules in his belt along with his Spider Tracers and Spider Tracker. These capsules are loaded into a Web Shooter. When pressed with the middle and ring finger it releases the fluid.

Fluid can be shot out in balls, a single line, or a spray depending on how the button is pressed. They can create various designs such as a hang glider, hammock, web line, or web balls.

Spider-Man has been known to change his fluid formula depending on the situation needed. He created a formula that could hold Hydro-Man.

It dissolves after two hours.


Peter Parker is unsure just how exactly he came up with the formula. He theorizes that the spider that bit him transferred some knowledge of webbing to him. He was able to create them thanks to his extensive knowledge of chemistry.

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