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Real Name Janet Pym
Alternate Identity Wasp
Powers and Abilities Size Reduction
Energy Blasts
Team Affiliations Pym Industries
Allies Hulk
Black Panther
Family and Friends Hank Pym (Late Husband)
Betty Ross
Wasp is from the Ultimate Avengers Universe.

Janet Pym, also known as Wasp, is a member of the Avengers along with her late husband Hank Pym. The couple ran Pym Industries where the two used their advanced scientific knowledge to create superpowers for Hank.


Early life

Janet Pym

Little is known about the history of Janet Pym.

At some point, she met Hank Pym and married him. Though their relationship is often rocky due to his aggressive and jealous nature as well as his low self-esteem.

It is unknown whether they started Pym Industries together or if she married into it.

Superhuman Research

Hank was hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. to head the Super Soldier Program. However, when the program did not provide sufficient results Hank was replaced by Bruce Banner.

After being let go, Hank used Pym Industries to continue his own studies into superhuman abilities. Hank was able to discover a way to increase or decrease his size. It is unknown whether he researched Janet's own powers or gave the ability towards her.

At the same time, Hank developed a special helmet that he could use to control ants.

Hank hears via insect

Janet felt that Hank being let go was the best thing for him as he was able to freely develop on his own. However, Hank simply wanted to make S.H.I.E.L.D. jealous.

Janet's powers were that she could shrink to bug size, grow insect-like wings, and fire energy from her hands. So she took on the superhero name Wasp.

Wasp oversees Hank's transformation

At some point, Hank used the size altering abilities to shrink in size and fight crime. However, he did not like being small and refused to do so again. He only wanted to increase in size. There were also concerns that Hank's body could not handle that kind of size change.


One day, Pym Industries was preparing to experiment with enlarging Hank.

A S.H.I.E.L.D. VTOL landed outside transporting General Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and his right-hand woman Black Widow.

Hank found out and donned his "Ant-Man" helmet and used a colony to spell the words "SHIELD SUCKS" on a wall near the entrance. He then went to meet the two.

The bigger woman

Wearing her costume, she followed and overheard Nick asking to see her. She flew in and told her husband to take the ants into the lab.

After he was gone, Fury asked what she saw in Hank. She told him that Hank had the same concerns, though she thought being on their own was good for him.

Wasp joins the team

Fury explained that S.H.I.E.L.D. had a situation greater than it could deal with and needed superhumans. However, he could not divulge the details at that time.

Though unsure, she agreed to help only if they let Hank join also. Fury claimed he only wanted heroes and did not need another scientist.

Wasp pulled him into the testing area to show him the testing. Black Widow stayed behind to take a call on her headset.

Wasp finds her husband's spy

In the other room, Hank apparently knew everything they were saying. Wasp looked at her shoulder to see an ant Hank used to listen. Fury brushed the ant off then demanded to know what Hank had discovered.

Hank pushed the buttons on his gauntlet then grunted in pain. He began to grow in size until he was almost as tall as the room itself. Fury was amazed to see the scientist become a giant.

Widow entered and told Nick that an airliner was going to crash into the city. Fury asked why he should care and she told him that the armored hero Iron Man was saving the plane.

Officially part of the team

As the two were leaving, Nick welcomed Wasp and Giant Man onto the team. Hank then went with them so he could "help" by knocking Iron Man out of the air.

Project: Avenger

Janet and Hank were inviting to the Triskelion in New York Harbor for their first debriefing as part of the team.

The two entered a conference room where Bruce and Betty Ross were sitting. On the other side, Nick, Natalia, and the recently resurrected Steve Rogers entered.

Janet becomes smitten

Janet was amazed at how young the World War II hero looked. Obviously getting jealous, Hank reminded her that he was sixty years older than she was.

She then noticed that he was staring at Natalia's body so she elbowed him in the ribs. Snapping out of it, Hank asked who was going to lead the team. Nick told him it was too early for a promotion.

Nick addressed the group saying they were all part of Project: Avenger and under the command of Captain America. Hank spoke up fearing that they would all end up "on ice" as Steve had been.

The first meeting of the Avengers

Just then, Iron Man walked into the room. Hank teased the armored hero about a rematch but Nick stopped him to explain their mission.

Nick started a presentation explaining how a secret Nazi fortress off the coast of Norway was built to launch a nuclear missile, showing a picture taking at the fortress.

Nick thanked Steve for saving Washington D.C. by destroying the missile in the mission that caused him to be frozen.

Betty asked how the Nazis could have gotten nuclear capabilities. Fury explained that extraterrestrials gave them the ability.

Hank did not believe that aliens were real, though Steve told him that they were and had killed his men.

Alien Life

Nick showed them another picture of strange creatures, explaining that the Germans called them the Chitauri. He went on saying that the aliens were hiding out on Earth since World War II.

He says that the Chitauri used their ships to fly around nuclear power plants and military facilities. Nick claimed they found a way to track the metal in their hulls, but there was a problem.

The horrors of the alien invasion

He shows them footage of a space shuttle trying to ready the satellite S.H.I.E.L.D. One. The footage showed an alien ship destroying the satellite and forcing the shuttle into the atmosphere killing the astronauts. The group was shocked at the footage.

Hank wondered how they were able to get information on the alien ships. Nick showed them a piece of the hull from a ship that was destroyed along with the nuclear missile. He said the Chitauri did not recover every piece.

Bruce ran over to the metal to examine it, asking what it was. Nick said they didn't know what it was but called it vibranium. He claimed it absorbed energy like a sponge.

Three soldiers entered with large weapons. One fired a machine gun, another a flame thrower, and the last a rocket.

When the smoke cleared the podium was destroyed but the vibranium was perfectly fine. Nick said that nothing short of a nuclear blast could penetrate it, except more vibranium.

Widow pulled out a vibranium knife and threw it sticking it in the metal. Nick explained that they were not able to recover enough of the full for effective weaponry.

Asking the big questions

Janet spoke up wondering if Stark Enterprises was working on anything. Betty claimed that unless Tony Stark could make money he would not care.

Hank asked why they put up with the playboy.

Janet then confirmed with Nick that they could not find the ships and if they could they were not able to shoot them down.

Nick told them that it would not be easy. When no one quit he smiled.


The team dispersed as they awaited orders. Eventually they were called to duty.

Most of the team met outside as Steve walked up to them.

Nick explained that the Chitauri had taken control of a heavily armed facility killing everyone inside. He says the aliens have activated the base's defenses, which they could not shut down remotely.

The base held S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites and the Chitauri intended to destroy it. Nick ordered them to save the satellites and possibly capture the Chitauri.

Nick then handed Steve a large disk with red and white stripes with a star in the center to replace the triangular shield he used in the war. He told them that it was made out of a combination of vibranium and adamantium so it could not be dented.

Standing by through thick and thin

Hank made fun of the shield and said they needed that vibranium for weapons. Nick explained that in the hands of Captain America the shield was a weapon.

The group boarded a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport and left for the base.

First Mission

The transport landed and they exited, all in their superhero costumes. Iron Man landed right after. He told Captain America that he would see how the mission went before officially joining the team.

Needs specialized equipment

Captain America explained to all of them about the automated defenses. However, Wasp believed that she would not set them off and shrank down, grabbed a headset off Captain America's finger, and flew ahead.

Captain America went off to the East and ordered Iron Man to scan from above, Widow to take the loading dock, and Giant Man to stay behind should the alien escape. Giant Man was not happy feeling he was the strongest in the group but did it anyways.

Wasp flew to the facility and blasted a small hole through a door. She flew inside and saw that the central corridor was clear.

Iron Man keeps an eye on her

Unbeknownst to her, the defenses detected her. Overhead, Iron Man scanned the facility seeing that she was surrounded by infrared triggers.

Captain America came on the radio ordering everyone to advance, but specified that Wasp should stay still as he feared the area was too dangerous.


Was was confident in her abilities and defied orders to fly on. However, she was caught in one of the triggers causing it to explode.

Iron Man also defied orders and entered the facility to rescue the "damsel." When he found her he was caught off guard by a turret and began bouncing from one trigger to another until he was knocked unconscious.

The building shook as Giant Man tried to smash his way to his wife fearing for her safety.

Soon afterwards, the Chitauri activated its bombs destroying most of the facility causing fires to erupt all over.

Trying to help

Wasp regained consciousness and returned to normal size. She found Iron Man but realized he wasn't breathing.

Captain America and Black Widow ran up to her and she explained that she couldn't get the helmet off. Captain America kneeled next to them and ripped the faceplate off.

Wasp, Black Widow, and Captain America looked at each other in astonishment when they saw that it was Tony Stark in the armor.


Bitter taste of defeat

The four of them left the smoking facility and went back to their transport. Another transport landed and Nick got out.

Wasp went to her husband, who had been knocked out, and helped him up. He saw Tony in the armor walking by.

Nick berated them all for letting the alien destroy the facility. He was angry at how they disobeyed orders letting the Chitauri get away.

Giant Man reasoned that he was merely trying to save Wasp. Growing tired of his arrogance, Nick fired him.

Just as much to blame

Giant Man stormed off and Wasp followed.

As they left, Iron Man flew off and Captain America walked away with Black Widow following. Nick then got back in the transport and left.

Janet knows the problem and is ready to move on

Janet and Hank returned to Pym Industries arguing. Janet believed that they should go back blaming the failure on them.

Hank did not think they should have followed Cap. Janet then pointed out that he was always blaming everyone else.

The two stared at each other before Hank walked off.

Call to Arms

Later that night, the Chitauri attacked the Triskelion.

Janet and Hank got back into their costumes and made their way there. They met Iron Man along the way. While on their way, Bruce had transformed into the Hulk via the Rebirth Chamber and had destroyed one ship.

The three of them saw a convoy of vehicles attempting to flee but a Chitauri ship fired on a nearby building causing it to collapse.

Coming to save the day

Giant Man quickly enlarged and quickly caught the building. He lifted it up so the vehicles could get by. Wasp and Iron Man then flew in and met with Captain America, Black Widow, and Nick.

As the aliens moved in, Captain America ordered Giant Man to push the building onto them killing most. He then ordered the team to attack.

The remaining aliens pursued them but were overwhelmed by the combined might of the team.

Wasp is small but scrappy

Wasp entered the body of one of the Chitauri and blasted it apart from the inside.

After Giant Man opened a hole in one ship, Iron Man entered and destroyed it. Then, the man who believes himself to be Thor appeared and used his hammer Mjolnir to destroy the last ship.

S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers cheered at the defeat of the aliens.

Hulk Smash

The team gathered together and saw Hulk still smashing Chitauri soldiers. They walked up behind him to watch what he was doing.

Seeing the enemy within

Captain America tried to talk to him in order to calm "Bruce" down. Hulk quickly turned and knocked Captain America away. Hulk then landed near them and used Iron Man like a bat to knock Nick and Widow away before throwing him.

Giant Man tried to stop on Hulk. However, the green brute leapt up and punched him in the knee forcing Giant Man down. Hulk grabbed debris and threw it at Giant Man knocking him over.

An annoying insect to him

Wasp cried out and flew in front of Hulk to blast his face. However, Hulk used his Thunder Clap knocking her away. She landed on her husband's head and fell next to him.

At least they're together

As they lay there, Thor began to battle Hulk with slightly more success. Though he too was unable to defeat the gamma powered brute.

When Hulk had grabbed Mjolnir, Captain America joined the battle to distract him.

Giant Man got up and tried to squeeze Hulk, who broke out of his grip and began choking him. He then leapt up to smash Giant Man's chest.

Wasp against another giant

Once again, Wasp flew in to save her husband. She blasted Hulk back knocking him away. While she tried to fight Hulk, Captain America threw his shield at Hulk's leg knocking him down.

Captain America joined as did Iron Man, who used his repulsor beams to knock him back. Iron Man tackled Hulk into a building but was thrown out.

Nick and Black Widow then tried to shoot Hulk, which did nothing but aggravate him. He then let out a mighty roar.

Captain America challenged him again, this time with a tranquilizer gun that Betty gave him. Meanwhile, Giant Man and Iron Man tried to distract him.

Using her small size to her advantage

When he found he could not focus properly, Captain America ordered Wasp to distract Hulk. She flew into his ear and blasted his brain.

Hulk dropped a rock he was holding then stumbled around. Wasp flew out of his head.

However, the ruse did not work and Hulk threw the rock at Captain America destroying the gun. Widow grabbed the tranquilizer part and drove it into Hulk's back.

Betty then tried to calm Hulk down, stopping the rampage. Eventually Hulk relaxed enough that he collapsed and transformed back into Bruce.

Day saved

Wasp and the others moved in around him.


Soon after the group joined together as one team. As they were recovering from their wounds, they gathered at the Triskelion for a celebration to their victory.

The group met on an undamaged balcony for a meal. Steve walked out on crutches to meet them.

In the comics the two began dating after she divorced Hank

Tony stood and offered a toast to Captain America for pulling the team together. The group patted them on the back. Though Janet kissed him on the cheek. Natalia then kissed him on the lips.

The group ate and were happy.

That same day, the New York News had their image on the front page dubbing the team the Avengers.

Over the next couple of months, the team went on their own separate ways though they stayed around New York City.

Janet and Hank continued their work at Pym Industries in order to improve his abilities.


One day, Wasp and Giant Man were in their lab with a group of scientists.

Giant Man increased in size while being monitored by the scientists and Wasp. According to her scans, everything looked good. She told a scientist to up the plasma IGF concentrations to 850 U.

Just wants what's best for her man

However, when Giant Man neared sixty feet his muscular composition began to fluctuate and his body mass changed. Giant Man experienced pain and fell against the back wall.

They noticed that something was wrong with his stomach. Wasp saw that he was crashing and told him to stop the experiment.

Overriding his wishes

Giant Man refused wanted to go to sixty-one feet. Wasp ordered the scientists to bring her husband back to normal slowly.

Giant Man berated his wife for ruining two months of work as he shrank. She said that they reached the limit and did not want to harm him.

As he took his mask off, she then suggested that they focus on the other stage of the project. However, Hank refused to try shrinking. He did not want to be a small superhero again.

Hank stormed out of the room. But since he was still too big he hit his head on the top of the doorway smashing it.

Answering the call of duty

When he was gone, Wasp got a call from Nick. She returned to her normal size and took the call. The general wanted the Avengers to meet again for another mission.

S.H.I.E.L.D. sent a VTOL out to them to pick them up.

New Mission

The VTOL landed and the two exited. They were met by Betty who hugged Janet.

Not the fairy tale she was hoping for

Betty noticed that Hank was angry as he pulled something out. She asked Janet how their marriage was going. Janet said they were working things out.

She then asked how things were going between Betty and Bruce, who had been in custody following his transformation into the Hulk. Betty told her she hadn't gone to see him since his incarceration.

As the three of them walked towards the hanger, Iron Man landed and announced his arrival by wanting a hug. None of them gave him one so they all went inside.

Janet, Hank, and Tony joined Black Widow in the meeting room as they waited for the others. Janet tried to comfort Hank but he pulled away.

Trying to be comforting

Tony flipped through some paper work. When Steve entered, Widow went over to talk to him since they had begun dating since the attack. However, Steve did not want to talk as he had grown depressed since he was unfrozen.

Nick entered and began the meeting. He started by introducing the team to Herr Kleiser, the director of Nazi Germany's secret Totenkopf Division. He went on to say that Kleiser was the only known Chitauri.

He explained that Kleiser was the Chitauri version of the supersoldier. Nick told them that he was assumed killed when the nuclear missile exploded over the Atlantic.

Nick showed them footage of the explosion, then noticed that Steve was getting agitated. He went on to say that Kleiser was still alive as he had recently assassinated the king of Wakanda, T'Chaka.

Not knowing about the location, Janet asked about Wakanda. However, Nick had little answers to give them.

He explained that the Wakandans were an isolationist nation. Their borders were heavily protected and they had constant cloud cover. He told them that the nation did not want the Avengers there.

Steve volunteered to go into the nation alone, reasoning that he was the only one who really knew Kleiser. Nick told them that would be a team effort and refused his offer.

Hank said they should let Steve go.

Nick went on to say that their mission was to set up surveillance quickly and get out before they caused an international incident. Steve reasoned that that was exactly why he should go alone.

That's the one she chose

Nick did not believe that he was thinking straight. He then gave command of the team to Black Widow, pleasing Hank.


The Avengers, minus Thor, boarded an aircraft and headed towards Wakanda. They donned their costumes along the way.

The aircraft landed and the team disembarked. Widow ordered them to move out in a twenty meter spread through the African jungle.

Talking woman to woman

Black Widow ordered Wasp to check above the canopy.

The team heard Captain America and another man talking and went to join him. She landed alongside Iron Man as her husband walked up. They saw him talking to Black Panther, who was T'Challa the new king of Wakanda.

Captain America was explaining that they came to help. Though Black Panther, who had snuck into the Triskelion looking for Captain America, was looking for advice not help.

Dressed for warm weather

Captain America explained that Kleiser had killed people close to him and that the two were looking for the same thing. Black Panther relented and allowed Cap to follow. However, he ordered the others to return to their ship.

Upsetting the Natives

That night, Wasp and Iron Man followed Black Widow as they snuck through the jungle. They were being followed by Wakandan warriors.

Not enough to kill, just to sting

They discovered their pursuers and counter-attacked. Wasp flew into a group of warriors and fired her energy blasts.

Wasp saw her husband get attacked by a large group of warriors and get stuck with arrows. He grew weak and fell down.

The warriors closed in and Wasp flew towards them. She fired her blasts at them to scare them off.

She discovers that he had been poisoned by the arrows and flew towards the others for help. She saw that Black Panther had stopped the Wakandans from finishing them off.

She tells them of the poison. Black Panther agreed to give them the antidote if they left immediately. Widow helped Iron Man up as Black Panther explained that should they return the warriors would kill them.

Tail between legs

Wasp and Captain America found Giant Man unconscious and brought him into the plan. Iron Man, in heavily damaged armor, and Black Widow were waiting for them. They entered and Iron Man closed the door.

Final Straw

The next day, the aircraft continued to fly around Wakanda. Captain America and Black Widow scanned the ground below for any signs of the Chitauri.

Wasp and Hank walked in on them as Cap found one of the aliens. Widow went to see for herself but Captain America explained they could nothing since Nick had ordered them back.

Captain America went to the elevator and closed the door. Black Widow followed down the stairs but Captain America escaped to the ground in a smaller aircraft.

Black Widow returned and ordered them to follow Captain America.

Hank interrupted saying they should let him go. He claimed they would be doing the team a favor.

Wasp and Hank walked into the recreation area where Tony was sitting having a drink. He saw that the couple were fighting and left.

Finally fed up

Wasp, finally tired of Hank's jealousy, exploded on her husband. She was sick of his ego and stormed off. Hank said he didn't need her.

No fury like a woman scorned

As she walked back to the command area, Black Widow offered her a gun. Wasp smirked but did not want to be tempted and walked off.

Chitauri Revenge

The aircraft returned to Wakanda to get Captain America back. His plane ascended out of the jungle and docked with the main ship. The others got into their costumes.

The team went down to the main deck where they saw Cap and Panther drag a Chitauri soldier onto the deck.

Cap putting them all in danger

Black Widow asked if Captain America had lost his mind. He responded that they had to find out what it knew. Widow countered that the alien put them all at risk.

Black Panther agreed then revealed himself to be Kleiser. The supposedly unconscious alien stood and began firing at them. Captain America and Black Widow dodged and returned fire.

In the line of fire

However, Wasp was hit in the chest and knocked out. Her husband grabbed her while Iron Man blocked them with his armor.

During the resulting scuffle, Captain America lost his shield to Kleiser who then fled with the Chitauri in the smaller plane.

Giant Man cradled his unconscious wife while the others tired to follow.

Suddenly the entire aircraft was rocked by an enormous blast from space. The plane was in flames as it fell apart around them.

The end is nigh

Giant Man carried Wasp as he tried to steady himself. Iron Man used his energy shields to protect them all.

Thor arrived and quickly teleported the team away. Soon after the ship was destroyed.

Safe for the moment

The Thunder God of Asgard took them back to the command center at the Triskelion. Once there, Black Widow held onto Wasp and ordered that the infirmary to expect wounded.

Giant Man took his wife and took her there.


Down but not out

Janet was taken out of her costume and put into a hospital gown to be placed in a bed. The doctors reported that she was in a coma.

Hank sat by her side holding her hand. Feeling sorry, he said that he would make things right. He then wondered again why she was with him.

Concerned friends

Steve entered but Hank got angry and confronted him. He blamed Janet's belief in Steve for her condition. Hank told him to get out.

Seeing that Hank was clearly angry, Steve backed off and left.

Eventually, Hank left to join the team in returning to Wakanda.


When Janet finally awoke later that day she found the city under attack by the Chitauri. She saw that the Chitauri Command Ship, the one that almost killed her, had put a large energy field across the entire planet.

The horror of the situation

She sat up to see the city in flames. Chitauri fliers and walkers were destroying the city.

Janet quickly got into costume and flew out to help.

She saw Chitauri forces make their way towards a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers defending the Triskelion. The aliens forced their way into the building and fired at her.

Outsmarting the enemy

She flew around the ground with the aliens shooting at her. Eventually the floor weakened and collapsed dropping them.

Wasp flew around the corner and found Betty with a Gamma Generator on her back. They decided to find and help Bruce.

Betty explained that gamma radiation made the Chitauri's vibranium brittle and easy to destroy. They intended to use the generator to destroy the command ship.

They entered the prison and found that Dr. Oiler, Bruce's psychiatrist and tormentor, had been vaporized by Chitauri soldiers who wanted the captive dead. Oiler had complied by filling the chamber with a dangerous gas.

Betty fired the gamma gun at one of the three aliens. Wasp flew forward and blasted the soldier's then brittle shell.

Fighting back

Betty fired at the other two. Wasp followed up with an attack and the aliens fell.

Betty ran to the chamber controls and released the gas. However, they saw that Bruce was dying. Bruce noticed that the generator worked and told her to get it to Nick. They each said they loved each other before he slipped into unconsciousness.

No time to grieve

Wasp approached her and said they needed to leave.

The guide woman

They went to the hanger and left in an aircraft. Betty piloted the aircraft while Wasp viewed a map of Africa.

Last Stand

The aircraft landed in the central Wakandan city. All around the city, the Chitauri were laying siege. The Avengers were scattered across the city helping in various ways.

Wasp and Betty left the plane and met with Widow and Iron Man, now in the War Machine Armor. Betty handed Iron Man the gamma generator.


Giant Man approached the plane and shrank back to normal size. He welcomed his wife by hugging her from behind. However, Wasp was still upset with him and pushed him off.

She walked over to Betty who was discussing the plan. Iron Man was to go inside the command ship and use the generator on the vibranium power source in the core.

Iron Man was worried about the large cannon underneath the ship firing at them. Thor approached and said that he could handle that.

Giant Man interrupted saying that the armored hero would need back up and proposed joining him. Iron Man said he had no room but Giant Man suggested that he shrink down.

Worried about him

Wasp became worried saying that she did not believe his body could handle that. He shrank down, despite the pain it caused him.

Final words

Iron Man offered his hand and Giant Man leapt on. Wasp said to be careful as they said their good byes.

Iron Man, with Giant Man on his shoulder, and Thor flew off and headed towards the command ship.

It is unknown what she did while her husband was in the ship. It is likely she helped the Wakandans fight off the Chitauri along with the rest of the Avengers.

Bitter Victory

Eventually the ship exploded and the field surrounding the planet disappeared. Wasp joined Captain America, Black Panther, Black Widow, and Betty at the foot of the palace.

Soon after, Iron Man landed with a badly injured Giant Man in his arms. Wasp ran to her husband as Iron Man set him down.

Alone in the world

She knelt next to him and took off his mask. Hank said that he had finally become the man she always wanted him to be. She told him that he already was.

Two widows on the team

Wasp cried as Hank Pym died in her arms. The others closed in around her as she wept.

Black Panther looked up and saw that the remains of the command ship were heading towards them. Iron Man thought he could deflect it, but Captain America wondered if he could survive. Iron Man said that if he didn't he would take a posthumous award.

Iron Man flew off and managed to divert the debris. However, he soon crashed into the city as his suit ran out of power. Captain America ran over to him and then Thor used Mjolnir to recharge the battery in Tony's chest.

At the same time, the Wakandan elders bowed before Panther calling him his highness. Nakinda asked what they should do with Kleiser, who had been trapped in a large block of vibranium. Black Panther suggest burying it. He then told Captain America that the Chitauri threat was over.

A bitter victory

During this time, Wasp never left Hank's body and Betty stayed by her side. The rest of the team closed in around her.

Wakanda had fires all across it, though was mostly fine.


They put Hank's body in the aircraft and returned to the Triskelion. There were destroyed walkers all around the city as well as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s headquarters.

Now there's time to grieve

The aircraft landed and the team exited. The team walked into the building.

Janet changed out of her costume and found Betty in Bruce's cell. She saw Betty staring at an empty cell, with a hole in the roof. During their time in Africa, Bruce had transformed and escaped.

Janet told her that at the very least Bruce was still out there. The two walked out of the room together.

Later, the team held a funeral for Hank. Tony sat at the bar and eventually Nick and Natalia walked in. Thor sat off in a corner by himself while Steve leaned on the railing.

A good man to the end

Janet stood by a table with many flowers and a large wreath. She looked at the picture of Hank in his Giant Man uniform, minus the helmet.

Time to be with friends

She touched the picture as Betty walked up to her. Tony walked up behind them and put his arms around the two. He then led the two women away.

It is unknown what happened to her or the team afterwards.

Powers and Abilities

Power of flight

Wasp's most notable power is the ability to shrink in size. She can shrink down to the proportional size of an insect. She can fit into small areas that are completely unaccessible to others of normal size. She can even enter the bodies of other people, though she only did it to the Hulk who is larger than the average human.

In order to move about when small, she grows insect like wings out of her back. This is why she wears a relatively small top showing much of her back. The wings appear to only appear when she shrinks down. She can fly relatively fast and is quite maneuverable.

Powerful blasts

For offensive purposes, Wasp can fire energy blasts from her hands. Like her wings, she is only seen using this ability when small. The blasts are quite strong, enough to punch a hole through a metal door. Though it seems she can change the power of the blasts as she can also attack humans without killing them.

The true nature of her powers are unknown. While Hank clearly uses technology to change his size, Janet appears to be able to do it naturally.


She is an intelligent person and skilled scientist. At Pym Industries, she runs the experiments that give Hank his powers. She is in charge there and gives the final voice, especially in terms of her husband's safety.

Always the loyal wife

Janet is a strong willed person. Though she loves her husband, she does not put up with much of his arrogance. She will stand up for what is right even if it means directly contradicting Hank. She is also loyal to her teammates.

When she first joined the Avengers, she was a bit arrogant though not as much as Hank. She directly disobeyed orders thinking she was better than Captain America gave her credit for. It was during the first mission that she learned humility and the need to work as part of a team.


Hank Pym

Rocky marriage

Hank and Janet love each other despite their problems. She usually sees through his ego and loves him for who he is. However, Hank's self-confidence problems constantly makes him question her love for him.

The two often fight usually because Hank thinks he is better than he is and she is trying to get him to see the truth. Their last fight seemed quite serious and it is possible she considered leaving him as she was outwardly upset with him.

In the end, the two expressed their love for each other before he died.

Betty Ross

In the comics they used to be roommates

Betty and Janet are good friends. It is unknown if they knew each other before the Avengers of if being on the team made them closer together.

The two discuss their romantic relationships, with Betty trying to help with Janet's marriage. Janet is interested in seeing Betty and Bruce get together but knows that Hulk prevents a normal relationship.

Steve Rogers

In the comics the two dated

Janet seemed somewhat attracted to Steve when she first saw him, probably reading about his exploits beforehand. She noted that he was quite handsome, causing Hank to become jealous. After the disastrous mission in Wakanda, Steve showed concern for Janet feeling guilty.

Steve never showed any interest in her and she never pursued him since they were both in relationships. Their friendly relationship resulted in problems with Janet's marriage since Hank was jealous of Steve more than any other superhero.

Alternate Version

Before they gathered to go to Wakanda, Thor had a vision of the future. In this future, Thor did not arrive to save the Avengers. Presumably, he left to return to Asgard at the order of his father, Odin.

Wasp dies in an horrific vision

In this timeline, the Avengers were all killed by the Chitauri command ship. Wasp's smokey, skeletal remains crashed to the ground with the rest of the team.

This version was eliminated when Thor came to save the team from the attack.


Wasp was voiced by Grey Griffin, then credited as Grey DeLisle.

While many of the characters are combinations of the original and Ultimate versions in personality and design, Wasp sticks closely to the Ultimate version.

The first film version of the character.

In the Comics

Her maiden name is Janet van Dyne.

She is a mutant. S.H.I.E.L.D. did not want any mutants on the team due to their controversial status in the country. Therefore, she hid the true nature of her powers from the others.

It is specified that she was Betty's college roommate. The friendship between the two in the second video is an allusion to this.

While Hank was in charge of the super soldier program, it was Janet that convinced him to join the Ultimates (the name of the team in the Ultimate universe).

After fighting the Hulk, but before the final battle with the Chitauri, Hank physically abused her then used his Ant-Man helmet to use his ants to attack her when she shrank and hid under a desk. Steve found out then beat up Hank and forced him off the team. She divorced Hank then began dating Steve. Her noting how handsome he is when she first sees him in the video is an allusion to this relationship. When problems arose because of their age difference, Janet began seeing Hank again.

She eventually led the Ultimates after they became independent from S.H.I.E.L.D..

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