Wasp NAHT.jpg
Real Name Janet Pym
Alternate Identity Wasp
Powers and Abilities Can shrink in size, Flight, Energy blasts
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Bruce Banner/Hulk
Family and Friends Hank Pym (Husband)
Henry Pym, Jr. (Son)
Wasp is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Wasp is the codename of Janet Pym. She joined the Avengers. She fell in love with Giant Man and they had a son named Henry, who was the youngest of the Avengers' children.


Wasp loves Giant Man

However, when he was just a baby, Ultron attacked the team again and killed all the members of the team. Captain America ordered Iron Man to hide the children and he did. In her memory he built Iron Wasp of the Iron Avengers to hide in Iron Giant Man. He built a special suit for Henry so that he could mimic the powers of Wasp and Giant Man.

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