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The Warriors Three are a group of three Asgard warriors named Fandral Hogun, and Volstagg. They are close friends with Prince Thor.


Initially they just stole stories from other people and told them to Asgardians to get the ladies and be popular. But Thor and Loki convinced them to go to Jotunheim to find Elderstahl. Their ship, the Thunder Runner, was destroyed. They then followed the boys across the icy fields, to Kona Lifandi, through Svartalfheim, and back to Asgard. There, they joined Sif in fending off a Frost Giant invasion and had some real stories to tell.

They assisted in the defense of Asgard against invasion along with Thor, Sif, and Balder.

One day when Loki took over Asgard they were held hostage by ogres but were then freed by The Hulk. They teamed up with Hulk and took down some of Asgardians who had sided with Loki.

The Warriors Three reported after Odin returned to Asgard, that something was troubling Heimdall. After Thor left Odin summoned the one who was worthy of Mjolnir, but to his and the Warriors Three surprise Beta Ray Bill showed up with Mjolnir in his hand. They fought against the lone Korbonite, but to no avail and were easily defeated by the worthy. They stood up after Odin had hold of him.

They helped defend Asgard when Odin entered Odinsleep but were defeated by a Loki-controlled Hulk.

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