Warren Worthington II
Warren Worthington II (W&TXM)
Real Name Warren Worthington II
Alternate Identity Warren Worthington, Jr.
Team Affiliations Mutant Response Division
Allies Robert Kelly
Bolivar Trask
Master Mold
Sybil Zane
Colonel Moss
Kavita Rao
Agent Haskett
Dr. Peterson
Family and Friends Warren Worthington III (Son)
Warren Worthington II is from the Yost Universe series Wolverine and the X-Men.
Physical Therapy
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Warren Worthington II is a rich man and the father of mutant Warren Worthington III. He helped to fund an anti-mutant regime along with Senator Robert Kelly. He was embarrassed by his son's mutation and made him hide his wings. His son was a member of the X-Men under the name Angel and tricked him into rebuilding the Xavier Mansion. He was attacked by the Brotherhood of Mutants and Rogue absorbed his memories so they could attack Kelly. When his son's wings were damaged he had them removed. His son then went to Mister Sinister to get his wings back and was turned into Archangel. Archangel then attacked his father requiring him to be saved by the X-Men.


Warren Worthington II was voiced by Jim Ward.

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