Wardell Stromm
Real Name Wardell Stromm
Allies Norman Osborn

Wardell Stromm is an associate of Norman Osborn and works at Oscorp Industries.


Physical Therapy
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Stromm worked with Norman Osborn at Oscorp Industries. He knew Osborn was working with Kingpin and needed a breakthrough.

However, one of their experiments caused an explosion. Spider-Man appeared and saved Stromm. He told the hero that Osborn was still in the flaming building, but the hero was unable to find him though he reappeared eventually.

He was not seen afterwards.


Stromm was voiced by Philip Abbott.

Currently the only animated version of the character.

In the Comics

His name is Mendel Stromm.

Was Osborn's college professor in addition to being a partner.

Embezzled money from Oscorp, for which he went to prison for.

After faking his death, returned as the supervillain Robot Master.

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