War Machine Armor
War Machine Armor.jpg
Real Name War Machine Armor
Powers and Abilities Repulsor Beam
Jet Boots
Enhanced Strength and Durability
Heads Up Display
Radio Transceiver
Enhanced Vision Mode
Rocket Launcher
Team Affiliations Force Works
Allies Iron Man Armor

The War Machine Armor is the primary piece of equipment used by James Rhodes for his work with Force Works.


The history of the armor is unknown. It is designed much like the Iron Man Armor but is bigger, has large weapons on the shoulders, and is painted grey.

At one point, James nearly drowned in the armor and developed claustrophobia. He was able to overcome this to help Iron Man fight Dark Aegis.


The official designation, never stated in any series, is Variable Threat Response Battle Suit Mark II Model JRXL-1000.

First appearance of the armor outside the comics.

In the Comics

Tony was the first to wear it. He was fighting an enemy that was specifically designed to combat his repulsor beams. He "responded in kind" with the armor designed for all-out warfare.

The version Rhodey wears is the second model designed specifically for him after he was briefly Iron Man.

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