War Machine
War Machine (Iron Man Armored Adventures).PNG
Real Name James Rhodes
Alternate Identity Rhodey, War Machine
Powers and Abilities War Machine Armor
Allies Iron Man
Family and Friends Roberta Rhodes (Mother)
War Machine is fron the Non MAU series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

James Rhodes, also called Rhodey, is the best friend of Tony Stark, better known as the superhero Iron Man. Rhodey donned a suit of armor to become War Machine.


Rhodey and Tony

Rhodey was the first person that Tony trusted to reveal his new suit of armor to. However, Tony was involved in an explosion that seemingly took the life of Howard Stark. Tony came to stay with him and his mother. They turned Tony's secret lab on his family property into the Iron Man Armory. Together they attended the Tomorrow Academy where they met Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, and Gene Khan.

Rhodey then helped Tony cover up his dual identity by covering for him and giving him information from home and the armory. When Pepper found out she helped Rhodey help out Tony. After Mandarin blew up most of the armors, Rhodey donned the War Machine armor so he could give Tony his armor and help him personally.


War Machine is voiced by Daniel Bacon.

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