Wand of Watoomb
Real Name Wand of Watoomb
Powers and Abilities Opens Dimensional Portals
Allies Doctor Strange
Baron Mordo

The Wand of Watoomb is a glowing staff that is roughly two feet long with a face carved into one side. It has mystical properties that allow the holder to open portals to other dimensions.



The Wand came into the possession of Doctor Strange where he and Wong guarded it from evildoers. Baron Mordo wanted the Wand to release Dormammu into our realm and found the location.

Mordo sent his brainwashed followers, that included Mary Jane Watson, to retrieve the Wand. The followers failed thanks to the efforts of Doctor Strange, Wong, and Spider-Man.

Mordo made another attempt, this time it included a brainwashed Spider-Man. Spider-Man was able to distract Doctor Strange and Mordo's followers were able to take the Wand to Mordo.

Mordo used the Wand to open a portal to Dormammu's realm and was about to let him into our dimension. Fortunately Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Wong arrived and fought Mordo and his cult. Mordo and Strange got into a battle and Spider-Man came into possession of the Wand. Wanting to help Strange, Spider-Man jumped into the portal with the Wand so that he could close the portal. However Dormammu stopped him so Strange entered to assist the wallcrawler. To distract Dormammu Spider-Man threw the Wand and quickly used his webbing to get it back.

Doctor Strange was able to close the portal and presumably took the Wand back to his Sanctum Sanctorum.

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