Howard Walter Stark
Tony Fathers Death
Walter on his deathbed
Real Name Howard Walter Stark
Alternate Identity Walt
Team Affiliations Stark Enterprises
Family and Friends Maria Stark (Wife)
Tony Stark (Son)
Walter Stark (Clone)

Howard Walter Stark, or Walt for short, was the head of Stark Enterprises and father of Anthony Stark.


Little is known about the early life of Howard Walter Stark.

For some reason, he chose to go by his middle name rather than first.

At some point he married a woman. They had a son named Tony. Walter tried to teach his son responsibility, but Tony wanted to have fun.

Eventually, he was involved in an accident orchestrated by Justin Hammer and A.I.M. that resulted in his death.

Alternate Version

A.I.M. created a clone of Walter in order to steal Stark's secrets. He was discovered by Tony and Nick Fury, though never seen again.


Walter Stark was voiced by Neil Ross. His clone was voiced by Peter Renaday.

"Origin of Iron Man, Part One" called him Walter rather than the usual Howard, which happens to be his second middle name. "Not Far From the Tree" rectified this by saying his first name is Howard but preferring his middle name. The most likely explanation is that the producers of the first season, notorious for numerous mistakes, simply called him Walter while the producers of the second season, who kept continuity with the first season while trying to fix the mistakes, had him prefer his middle name.

Walter is one of the numerous incontinuities between the two seasons. In season one, it is stated Justin Hammer orchestrated Walter's death but in season two it was A.I.M.. The best explanation is that they worked together.

In the Comics

His full name is Howard Anthony Walter Stark.

Howard worked for the government back in World War II.

He was an early agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..

He was an alcoholic, something Tony picked up.

He was offered a position in the Hellfire Club but he was only interested in the parties the group threw.

He was targeted by Red Skull.

He was rumored to have once met Uatu.

Howard and his wife Maria were killed in a car accident.

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