Vulture Man
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Vulture Man
Powers and Abilities Flight Harness
Allies Green Goblin
Noah Boddy
Vulture Man is from the Non MAU series Spider-Man.

Vulture Man is a criminal who built wings to enable him to fly.


Little is known about the early life of Vulture Man.

Vulture Man used an electrical device to control an army of birds and used them to terrorize New York City. Vulture demanded that he be paid two million dollars for him to stop. Vulture was later defeated by Spider-Man when he was able to have Vulture's birds attack him.

After escaping prison, Vulture began to steal from penthouses across New York City. J. Jonah Jameson accidentally stumbled upon Vulture's hideout and was captured by Vulture. Vulture threatened Jameson to give him information on a new rocket that was developed by the U.S. military, a shipment of diamonds, and a new laser weapon which were all stolen by Vulture. However, Spider-Man was able to capture Vulture and rescue Jameson.

Noah Boddy later broke Vulture, Electro, and Green Goblin out of prison. The four of them formed a team to try and kill Spider-Man. However, Spider-Man was able to trick the four villains into fighting each other and cause their own defeat.

Vulture Man returned and warned people to stay off the street because he controlled the city. However, when people ignored his warning Vulture Man attacked some construction workers. However, they were saved by Spider-Man. Vulture later stole a rocket from the U.S. military and a device that allowed him to control vultures. However, Spider-Man was able to turn the birds against Vulture and they attacked him.


He was voiced by Paul Soles in two episodes and by Gillie Fenwick in two episodes.

He is based on the Blackie Drago version of Vulture, though no real name is given to him in the series.

The first version of Vulture and currently the only version of Blackie Drago outside the comics.

For reasons unknown, he was called Vulture Man instead of simply Vulture.

In the Comics

Blackie is the second Vulture after another man named Adrian Toomes. Blackie was Toomes' cellmate and stole the flying harness from him to commit crimes.

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