Alternate Identity Unknown
Powers and Abilities Flight via wings
Physical Therapy
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On Counter-Earth, Vulture is a hero rather than a villain.

Like the Counter-Earth Green Goblin, Vulture is a formidable vigilante/rebel/hero who utilizes strange inventions, and considers Spider-Man more of a menace than a fellow hero (although his actual preferred term for Spider-Man is "wannabe", implying he's not nearly as good a hero as the Vulture himself).

Vulture comes from a wealthy family who were some of the few humans accepted by bestial society. During his childhood he hung around with bestials children who persecuted humans. But he also hung around with his human housekeeper's son Cliff. Then one night while hanging around with his bestial buddies they encouraged him to join them in setting light to a human domicile, and he knew it was wrong but he didn't have the courage to say no. Cliff came running out, and the Vulture realised what he had done. Though he never saw Cliff again, his face changed his life; the Vulture devoted his life to preventing human suffering, creating a costume capable of flight and becoming a vigilante.

Vulture first encounters Spider-Man during the kidnapping of humans for Sir Ram's experiments. He had finally got close enough to prevent another kidnapping before Spider-Man wandered into it and messed things up. When Spider-Man tracks the kidnap victims to a 'Bestial Beauty' warehouse facility, he's prompty aided by Vulture, who had in turn tracked him. They both get into the facility but are prompty captured and introduced by Sir Ram to one of his experiment outcomes; a dragon bestial named Firedrake. Spider-Man escapes with the aid of a "stinger" and they do all battle. After Firedrake and Sir Ram defeated, Spider-Man and the Vulture free the human kidnap victims, and the Vulture offers them a chance to exact revenge on Sir Ram, but Spider-Man talks them out of saying they'd be as worse as he is. The Vulture disappears into the night, yet again calling Spider-Man a Wannabe.

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