Powers and Abilities Density and Mass Control, Energy Projection, Flight, Super Strength, Super Intelligence
Team Affiliations Avengers

The Vision is an android created by the sentient robot, Ultron. He battle against the Avengers and Falcon on Ultron’s orders. When Ultron captured Wonder Man, Ant Man reprogrammed Vision with Wonder Man’s brain patterns. As a result, Vision falls in love with Scarlet Witch. Wanda seems to feel the same way but doesn’t want to betray Wonder Man.

Upon seeing how much Wanda loves Wonder Man, he decides to use himself as bait to lure Ultron out. Wanda disapproves because she doesn’t want to loose Vision too. Vision goes on with the plan anyway. It works, and the Avengers now have Wonder Man’s body. They try many technological means to revive him but none work.

Wanda then realizes that if technology won’t work, maybe mysticism will. Wanda and Vision go to Wanda’s old mentor Agatha Harkness, but she reveals that a great evil that she must battle is approaching. The evil is Agatha’s son, Nicholas Scratch. Scratch kidnaps his own mother. Scratch plans an unfair trial for his mother where she would be sentenced to death, fortunately, Agatha granted her powers to Wanda so that she could defeat Scratch before he killed her. Wanda also uses these powers to revive Wonder Man at last.

Wanda and Wonder Man start to date again after that. Wanda, however, still has feelings for Vision. After defeating Zodiac, Wanda tells Wonder Man how she feels. He tells her that there is only one option, for her to go back to Vision. She and Vision get back together.

Vision makes an oddly out of place appearance in the Fantastic Four show. In it he is shown to be a member of the Avengers as in the show, however, it is the original team rather than the United They Stand Team. On could assume that it takes place after the series ended as the original team does get back together.

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