Real Name Videoman
Powers and Abilities Living Electronic Data
Family and Friends Electro (Creator)
Videoman is from the Marvel Productions Universe series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.
For hero of the same name, see Francis Byte.

Videoman is an intangible being comprised of electronic data from a video arcade.


Videoman was created by the supervillain Electro. It's first task was sucking Spider-Man, Flash Thompson, Firestar, and Iceman into a video game. Electro then tried to destroy the four. His plans were foiled by Flash who saved them all.

Videoman later returned and was able to bring to life video game characters. However, the Spider-Friends tricked Videoman and its minions into attacking each other.

Other Version

Video gamer Francis Byte was in an arcade when a hypnotic wave exploded. Francis found he could transform into a form like Videoman at will, so he took the name and helped the Spider-Friends. He later joined the X-Men.


Videoman was an original character created for the series. It was later adapted into the comics. As a tribute to the series, Videoman was defeated by a combination of Spider-Man, Firestar, and Iceman and never seen again.

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