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Real Name Videoman
Powers and Abilities Living Electronic Data
Family and Friends Electro (Creator)
Videoman is from the Marvel Productions Universe series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends.
For hero of the same name, see Francis Byte.

Videoman is an intangible being comprised of electronic data from a video arcade.


Videoman was created by the supervillain Electro. Electro sent Videoman to Eastern State University where it stole an alloy from space. Later, Electro had Videoman steal gold from the Currency Exchange, silver from P. T. Dune's penthouse, and copper from Fort Richard Army Base. Electro used the three metals to build a super transformer that he intended to use to increase his electrical power. However, Spider-Man was able to defeat Videoman and Electro.

When Electro's Videoman arcade machine was taken to a landfill it was hit by lightning and this somehow revived Videoman. Videoman then began to absorb electrical energy and grew more powerful. When the Spider-Friends tried to stop Videoman, he used his powers to bring video game characters to life and had them attack the Spider-Friends. Videoman also found a way to drain Iceman and Firestar of their powers. However, the Spider-Friends were able to destroy Videoman and Iceman and Firestar got their powers back.

Other Version

Video gamer Francis Byte was in an arcade when a hypnotic wave exploded. Francis found he could transform into a form like Videoman at will, so he took the name and helped the Spider-Friends. He later joined the X-Men.


Videoman was an original character created for the series. It was later adapted into the comics. As a tribute to the series, Videoman was defeated by a combination of Spider-Man, Firestar, and Iceman and never seen again.

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