Veronica Benning
Veronica Benning
Real Name Veronica Benning
Team Affiliations Stark Enterprises
Family and Friends Tony Stark
James Rhodes
Clint Barton
Wanda Maximoff
Julia Carpenter

Veronica Benning is a physical therapist who works with Tony Stark. Like many women in his life she has a crush on Tony.


Veronica was hired by Tony Stark after his spine was injured. She would push him harder than he wanted to, but it was good for him.

Veronica and Tony were in a secession when James Rhodes need to leave with Tony for a Hypertech seminar. Whirlwind then attacked Stark Enterprises attempting to get a microchip from the Iron Man Armory. When he did he blew Veronica out of a window and knocked her unconscious. After he left Tony and Rhodes checked Veronica to make sure she was alright.

She was present for the wedding between Tony and Julia Carpenter. However, the wedding was interrupted by Mandarin and his foes. It later turned out that the wedding was a hoax to get Mandarin to not believe that Tony was Iron Man.


Veronica was voiced by Jeannie Elias.

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