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Vernon Chapman
Vernon Chapman
Born Vernon Chapman
Died February 12, 2008 (Age 85)
Toronto, Ontario
Characters played Edwin Jarvis
Doctor Octopus

Vernon Chapman (born 1923; died February 12, 2008) was an actor who played Edwin Jarvis and Super-Adaptoid on The Marvel Super Heroes and Doctor Octopus on Spider-Man. He was the first actor to play the characters outside the comics.


Other notable works include First Performance, Folio, The Wayne & Shuster Show, The Unforseen, Encounter, Quest, Time of Your Life, Playdate, The Luck of Ginger Coffey, Seaway, The Wayne and Shuster Hour, Age of Innocence, Street Legal, The Adventures of Tintin, Billy Madison, Elvis Meets Nixon, My Hometown, and A Day in a Life.

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