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Skrull Queen.png
Real Name Vernake
Alternate Identity Mockingbird
Powers and Abilities Skrull (Shapeshifting)
Team Affiliations Skrull
Secret Warriors
Veranke is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Veranke is the queen of the Skrulls. She personally supervised the invasion of Earth under the disguise of Mockingbird where she joined the Secret Warriors.


At some point, she replaced Mockingbird, sending the human to a Skrull prison.

She accompanied Nick Fury to Maria Hill's room in the Helicarrier and held her mouth closed while Fury talked to her about the Skrull threat. Black Widow brought Iron Man to Fury's secret safe-house and Veranke was present. She followed Fury into the room containing the deceased body of the Madame Hydra Skrull.

At an undisclosed location, the Skrull Captain America approached her and reported the disbanding of the Avengers, subsequent reorganization under himself, and she stepped out of the shadows and congratulated him. He then kissed her hand before morphing half. Then she morphed half and said: "As it is written."

She was informed Captain America led a prison break from the Skrull ship. She was pleased as Captain America had managed to unite mortal enemies to work together and would use his Skrull duplicate to subjugate Earth. After the Avengers were captured, Veranke showed up in Washington, D.C.. Hawkeye threatened to kill her if she hurt Mockingbird. When victory seemed assured Iron Man and Thor showed with Iron Man exposing her true form. She activated an A.I.M. device which used satellites to kill every human on Earth. She would have won, but Thor, being Asgardian, was not affected and flew into orbit knocking every satellite from orbit. Surrounded she was knocked out by Ms. Marvel. She, all the captured Skrulls, and Super-Skrulls were locked up in a special section of Prison 42 and were seemingly left there after the incident with Annihilus.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Skrulls, she has the ability to shapeshift into anyone she desires to turn into and mimic the voices of the replaced persons. She is shown to be skilled with weapons since she was able to use Mockingbird's staff well.


She is a cold and calculating. She has been waiting a long time to see the infiltration a success so her people may take Earth for their own as it is written in their prophecies and from the Kree.


Veranke was voiced by Elizabeth Daily.

It is unknown when exactly Veranke replaced Mockingbird. Therefore, it is possible that all appearances before "Prisoner of War" are Veranke rather than Bobbi.

First version of the character outside the comics.

Because Spider-Woman did not appear in the series, Veranke replaced Mockingbird instead.

In the Comics

As Spider-Woman, was a founding member of the New Avengers.

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