Venom USM
Real Name Venom
Alternate Identity Spider-Man
Harry Osborn
Doctor Octopus
Flash Thompson
Power Man
Iron Fist
Phil Coulson
Nick Fury
Green Goblin
Powers and Abilities Same as Spider-Man, Nullifies Spider Sense
Family and Friends Doctor Octopus (Creator)
Spider-Man (Genetic Basis)
Carnage Symbiote (Offspring)
Anti-Venom Symbiote (Offspring)
Venom is from the Non MAU series Ultimate Spider-Man.

Venom is the name that the symbiote takes when it takes over a host. It was used most notably by Spider-Man and Harry Osborn.


Doctor Octopus obtained a blood sample from Spider-Man during a battle with his Octobot. It began to exhibit the deadliest aspects of Spider-Man's personality. Octavius wanted months to perfect the symbiote, but Norman Osborn wanted it immediately.

However, the symbiote escaped from Octavius and Osborn. It returned to Spider-Man.

It followed Spider-Man to Osborn's house, where Peter was visiting his friend Harry Osborn. It tried to kill him and then bonded to Flash Thompson, Nova, Power Man, and Iron Fist before bonding with Peter.

It then called itself Venom and tried to kill Peter's friends. When Venom tried to attack Harry, Peter took control fighting against the symbiote and broke free.

Spider-Man was not strong enough to beat the symbiote but managed to trap it with electrified webs. It was apparently destroyed. A small piece of the symbiote landed on the piano in the family room. Harry found it and trapped it in a bottle.

Osborn was satisfied with the result and ordered Octavius to create another, more powerful symbiote.

Harry tried to train the symbiote. He then wanted to impress his father by becoming the new Spider-Man. His father blew him off angering Harry. The symbiote began to feed off the negative emotions.

Venom Spider-Man Fighting USM

Eventually the symbiote consumed Harry transforming him into a massive hulking creature. This new Venom battled with Spider-Man until he was thrown into a large electronic screen. The electricity apparently destroyed the suit.

However, part of the symbiote is still bonded with Harry.


The bio-engineered history of the symbiote is original to the series.

The first time that Venom has appeared without Eddie Brock, who never appeared in the series.

In the Comics

The symbiote came from a world called Battle World, seen during the Secret Wars.

Spider-Man was the first host to the symbiote for quite some time before he realized what it was doing to him.

Flash Thompson is the current host, who uses it in a government run program and replaces his amputated legs.

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