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For the animal, see Vampire Bat.

A vampire is a creature that was formerly a human. They are most notable for their need to drain plasma from humans. They are sought out and destroyed by vampire hunters.

Known Vampires

  • Miriam: A human who was bitten by a vampire. She claims to be queen of the vampires.
  • Blade: Miriam's son, he is half human and half vampire. He possesses many of their abilities without their weaknesses, though he still requires plasma.
  • Michael Morbius: A human who was bitten by a vampire bat that had become radioactive after drinking the blood of Peter Parker. He closely resembles a vampire though is different in several ways.


The history of vampires is unknown.

Vampires are well known in popular culture. Terrence Fisher made a black and white film on Count Dracula named Dracula.

Blade and Miriam eventually discovered that the Neogenic Recombinator was capable of creating vampires, like Michael Morbius, and fought for it. Spider-Man was able to save it from both of them.


Censorship issues for Spider-Man meant they could not have a vampire that drank blood instead substituting plasma, which is a key component of blood. These same issues meant that Morbius had to suck plasma through suckers in his hands rather than his fangs.

Terence Fisher, spelled differently in the series, is a real life film director who did make a movie called Dracula, though it is in color not black and white.

In the Comics

Count Dracula is a figure in the Marvel universe, but here is he simply a fictional character in the series.

Vlad the Impaler is Count Dracula. No connection is made in any series.

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