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Former Members Sif
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Valkyries are a group of Asgardian women who have decided to live their lives without the interference of men. They are led by Brunhilde who forges them all into fierce warriors. Many of them have been scorned by Fandral. They captured Thor and the Warriors Three when they tried to take Elderstahl back to Asgard. They were attacked by Frost Giants and Brunhilde released them. Sif joined the group but Brunhilde told her to leave when she realized the young girl still loved Thor. They later helped Asgard defend Odin when they were attacked by the Hulk but all were defeated.


In classic mythology, Valkyries are a group of people who scour battlefields and take the spirits of fallen warriors to Valhalla to await Ragnarok. Here, they are treated more like Amazon warriors.

In the comics, Brunhilde is called Valkyrie.

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