V-22 Osprey
Wolverine Skydives HV.jpg
Real Name V-22 Osprey
Alternate Identity Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey
Powers and Abilities Vertical Take-Off and Landing Aircraft
Team Affiliations Department H
V-22 Osprey is from the Yost Universe video Hulk vs Wolverine.

The V-22 Osprey is a multi-purpose aircraft that can fly like a plane and land like a helicopter.


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The history of the V-22 is unknown.

They were in service by the Canadian government, particularly Department H.

After the destruction of Elkford near the border with the United States of America, an Osprey took Department H agent Wolverine to track down the Hulk.

While in flight, Wolverine lowered the back and leapt out, without a parachute. Because of his adamantium skeleton he survived and began tracking the Hulk.


The V-22 was not named in Hulk vs Wolverine, it simply was an aircraft shown. However, it is designed after the real Osprey.

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