[There was a photo but a rollbacker happened]While it may be true that I didn't allow myself the privilege to wait and start at level 1 to fully accommodate my Slayer I don't regret getting allowed in near the end of the Tomb of Annihilation. The "spell-casters" made me a level 10 Champion - so before the boss room I escaped the Tomb of Annihilation on my own. (No scars, no maims.)

I studied Dungeon & Dragons for a couple of decades while playing RuneScape and skateboarding (also I became a party animal by just being out there) - I learned of it in school and I wanted to prepare myself to play Dungeons & Dragons with all the excitement I could muster by creating my own original character. It's actually not until I quit being a party-animal that I finally played; I was so excited to roleplay as a Master Knight that I lost myself to being outdoors, skateboarding in and out of parties actually does happen, and I actually got lost being a thief between those years. I had to want to be a swordsman to get out. Once I started working I got myself a sword and began to slay the shadows instead. I didn't make Master Knight, or Master Thief, or even Shadow Rogue, I couldn't even bring myself to be a Sword Hunter. I only made Slayer.

So in my DISCORD {as are the terms for real life adventurer's} I have my Slayer ready to be used in some roleplays of my own. And only that is my character for ever. I do though did come across "Rifts Mercenaries" by fate and bought it form my local book store. I have created a dragon hunting roleplay (as it was the only normal thing about barbarians I could find that wasn't so brutesque) once I have accomplished that I'll begin my Slayer's roleplay. It'll probably have me jump to the Rifts Universe at some point and go from commando to mercenary.

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