Normally when a movie based on Marvel Comics is released Marvel Entertainment goes all out promoting the movie. The characters are usually given a higher visibility in the comics while older issues with the characters have prominent re-releases. But that does not seem to be the case with the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios-produced Big Hero 6. The movie comes out November 7th, but the details of the company's November releases show no signs of Big Hero 6 or the characters. The Hollywood Reporter points out that not only is there no reprints or new material, but the characters are apparently not appearing in any other titles. A spokesman for Marvel confirmed that there are "no plans" for the property.

The team's last appearance was in a 2012 Amazing Spider-Man issue that saw the team helping Spider-Man defeat Doctor Octopus. It was later that year that the movie was confirmed following months of rumors.

That's not to say there won't be any Big Hero 6 comic material. Since the beginning of August, Japanese publisher Kodansha has been releasing a serialized manga focusing on Baymax. Kodansha has had a close relationship with Marvel's parent company The Walt Disney Company and has sponsored Tokyo Disneyland as well as releasing manga versions of various Disney animated movies. The book publisher Random House also has material planned for release around the movie. While issues are available digitally, there does not seem to be any way to get new issues or collections.

This may be due to Marvel not maintaining full financial participation over the property due to the partnership with Disney Animation. Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort has stated that they prioritize properties they have complete control over, choosing those they can get a greater percentage of the profits over others.


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