Today is the seventieth anniversary of the premiere of Cinderella. Based on the famed fairy tale, the film is the twelfth from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The plot follows poor woman Cinderella, who lives with her wicked stepmother and two selfish step sisters, as she attempts to catch the eye of a handsome prince using the magic of her fairy godmother.

When World War II cut off foreign markets, Disney's previous efforts had become box office bombs and the studio was deep in debt being saved only through smaller package films. Disney decided to go back to a full-length feature of a princess, similar to their only previous success Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The film utilized several animators who became known as Disney's famed Nine Old Men.

Disney's gambit paid off and the film was a massive critical and box office success. It received nearly universal praise. It was the fifth highest grossing film of the year. The success of the film dug Disney out of debt and eventually allowed them to develop a second theme park in Florida that would become known as Walt Disney World. It was nominated for three Academy Awards. It has been hailed as one of the greatest animated features of all time. It was followed by two direct-to-video sequels, stage musical, and a live-action remake. Cinderella and and villain Lady Tremaine have been included in numerous animated shows, video games, and other movies. The castle featured in the film was the basis for the central feature of Disney World's Magic Kingdom as well as Disney's logo. It was preserved in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress.

The film features the talents of June Foray as Tremaine's evil cat Lucifer.

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