Today is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the premiere of Casper. The film follows a father and daughter as they move into a haunted mansion in order to remove the spirits only to befriend a childish ghost named Casper and his twisted uncles.

The film is an adaptation of the Harvey Comics character, made famous by a beloved animated series. It took a darker tone than previous versions, exploring the themes of death and the afterlife while also providing a backstory to the titular character. It made extensive use of computer generated imagery, and was the first to feature a completely CGI character in a main role.

The film was a hit with audiences but received mixed reviews from critics. It was the eighth highest grossing film of the year, playing all through the summer season. Critics praised the visual effects and performances of the actors, though criticized the dark story and style of humor. It was nominated for numerous awards, including a Saturn Award for Best Fantasy Film. The success of the film led to four direct-to-video follows-ups and a new animated spin-off series. A direct theatrical sequel was planned with the actors returning, but the poor sales of the video features led to its cancellation.

The film features the talents of Brad Garrett as Casper's uncle Fatso.

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