Today is the twentieth anniversary of the premiere of Dinosaur. The film, the thirty-ninth from Walt Disney Animation Studios, follows an iguanodon and his family as they find a herd and search for a new home following a devastating meteor shower while being hunted by a dangerous Carnotaurus.

The film began in 1986 with an idea to do a darker, more naturalistic take on dinosaurs. However, the film was stuck in Development Hell for a number of years, moving between directors and studios until it landed with The Walt Disney Company in 1994. They eventually developed it, while creating new computer software to create the film. It was filmed on location though all the characters are computer generated.

The film received mixed, though generally good reviews. It was the fifth highest grossing film of the year and was the fourth best-selling home video release of the following year. It was nominated for a number of awards.

The film features the talents of Alfre Woodard as lemur matriarch Pilo as well as Daran Norris and Billy West doing additional voices.

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