Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the premiere of The Incredibles. The film follows a family of retired superheroes forced into hiding by a distrustful government until a new foe emerges with plans to eliminate the entire superhero community.

The film is the sixth produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. Being the first to focus on human characters, the studio had to develop new technology in order to best animate the world. It ended up becoming one of the biggest hits with fans and critics. It took in a massive haul its opening weekend breaking records for the highest Pixar film, Disney film, non-sequel animated film, and non-franchise based film. It was the fourth highest grossing film of the year and second top animated feature. It received nearly universal praise and has been considered one of the best animated features and superhero films ever made. Many Pixar fans have argued it was the studio's best and released at the height of their quality. It won numerous awards including the Academy Award and Annie Award for Best Animated Feature. The film inspired several video games, a sequel, short films, and a theme park ride.

The film features the talents of Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Incredible's ice-based buddy Frozone, Jack Angel as a firefighter, Bob Bergen as a police officer, Jess Harnell as a cop, Philip Proctor as a guard, Kath Soucie as a mother on a street, and Jim Ward doing additional voices. John Lasseter served as executive producer.

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