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Born Aaron Taylor
June 27, 1987 (1987-06-27) (age 34)
Jacksonville, Florida
Positions Marvel Animated Universe Wiki Founder
Image Uploader
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Ahoy hoy. My name is Aaron Taylor and I started this wiki. Now I'm not going to pretend to be some great wiki editor. I just came up with this idea when no one else did.

About ARTaylor

ARTaylor, or ART for short, stands for Aaron R. Taylor. I was born on June 27, 1987 in Florida, and grew up in California occasionally spending summer and/or Christmas in Wisconsin. I am currently studying cinema at San Francisco State University and am looking for an internship somewhere in the industry. More than anything I would like to write and direct movies in Hollywood.

I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, reading books, and just getting into the car and driving somewhere. I find most of my enjoyment from anything science fiction or adventure. I enjoy anything related to Star Trek, Star Wars, Halo, Alien, Predator, Spider-Man, X-Men, and so much more.

I signed up on April 23, 2007.


The Marvel Animated Universe was in fact my first introduction into Marvel and, along with Batman: The Animated Series, comic books in general. I find that they are not only good children shows but good television shows in general and still watch them to this day. I, like many others according to certain polls, am eagerly awaiting the day when Disney will release all the seasons on DVD sets.

Anyways, back to this wiki.

I like the idea of wikis. I think the idea of wikis allow information to be gathered in a way that's far more efficient than any other website could possibly be. Although there is false information and some vandalism these things can be easily corrected. The problem I have with Wikipedia is that it's too big, there's too much, and there's too many people. It can never really expand on any one idea too much. And since it got popular people are too protective of "their" articles. Since ARTaylor is taken I never signed up so I edit anonymously; however, I typically find my edits reverted and accused of vandalism. Wikipedians seem all to ready to accuse anonymous editors of vandalism that it seems all too pointless to really do anything.

Then I discovered Wikia. I find these wikis to be truly wonderful. They are able to provide information on a specific subject in a way that would take Wikipedia years to accomplish, if they ever even allowed it. Sites like Memory Alpha (this wiki I initially signed up for), Halopedia, and Wookiepedia offer excellent amounts of detailed information on everything in their subject. And there seems to be a wiki for everything, and if there isn't it is not all that difficult to request that one be made. However, I found that some of the larger wikis suffered the same problem as Wikipedia had. Too many people, too well known, and too set in their ways. Most pages I wanted to make were already made. Most changes I wanted to make weren't well received. So it seemed all I could really do was add trivial facts, but like Wikipedia some people just didn't like them regardless of what it was.

Again, back to this specific wiki.

I wanted to write, to start things from scratch and see it grow. Something I couldn't do on those other wikis. I had been thinking for quite some time about what kind of wiki I wanted to make myself. Like usual, most ideas I had were already taken. I did come up with an idea for a wiki that would be just about the Marvel comic book movies and another for the DC comic book movies. However, when discussing it a friend started poking holes in the idea. I was going to keep trying until I found that Marvel Movies was taken, I don't know about DC Movies. So I was sitting in class one day when I thought about this wiki. There was one for the DC Animated Universe but I knew of no such wiki for the Marvel equivalent. The argument seemed perfect, both DC and Marvel have equivalent wikis except for the MAU. I searched and only the general Marvel wiki came up. So I sent a request and it was approved no problem, no questions, no debate.

So enjoy my one good idea.


My current plan is to make episode pages in full details. Then, when I have all the information, I will begin producing the character and location pages.

Generally, just assume that I'm working on every page.

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