Universal Library
Universal Library
Real Name Universal Library

The Universal Library is the homeworld of the Watchers. It was turned into an enormous database for all knowledge in the universe.


The Watchers collected all knowledge. Uatu used a virus that was used to cure a plague to turn the other Watchers and all who came to the planet into Virals. He would send others to the planet so the Virals could gain new knowledge. Mentor sought the Library with the help of Drax. Nebula and her pirate crew wanted to go there to sell the information. Mentor got Silver Surfer and Pip to help them. Once there, all but Drax and Pip were turned into Virals. Silver Surfer was able to turn back and the three escaped.


The concept of the Universal Library comes from the Ultimate Machine that was in Tales to Astonish #73 and #74. In those issues, Leader learns of the Watchers and the Ultimate Machine, a collection of all knowledge in the universe, on their home planet. Leader tricked Hulk into bringing it to him. Uatu allowed him to take it and Hulk brought it to Earth. Leader used it but it overwhelmed his mind with information apparently killing him, though he was later revived. Hulk used it and fought through the pain and learned that Rick Jones was in trouble. Uatu then took it back to his planet.

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