Uncle Ben's Killer
Real Name Unknown
Alternate Identity Burglar

A simple burglar turned murderer who killed Ben Parker.


Little is known about the man.

He was a petty thief who robbed a wrestling venue. He passed a wrestler who called himself Spider-Man with the police chasing him. The wrestler refused to help as he was not a cop and did not want to get involved.

As he fled, he went to Forest Hills in Queens and entered a random house. The elderly man of the house tried to stop him in order to protect his wife. The burglar ended up killing the man and fleeing again.


At some point, he put on a ski mask to hide his identity. He went to an empty warehouse to hide, but was cornered by the police. The wrestler Spider-Man appeared and captured him. He tore off the mask and appeared horrified at who he was.

The burglar was never seen again. He was presumably arrested, tried, and went to prison for his crimes.


The killer was unvoiced and unnamed.

At the time of the series, the burglar had no known name. He has since been called "Spike" and Dennis Carradine in various media.

In the Comics

Robbed the television studio where Spider-Man worked. Peter had already left the world of wrestling.

Went to the Parker home because his cellmate used to live there. He overheard that his cellmate had hidden money and went to find it, not knowing that it was already gone. Later escaped and went back to the house to find the money. He held Aunt May hostage until Spider-Man arrived causing him to die of a heart attack.

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