Real Name Ultimo
Powers and Abilities Enormous Strength and Durability
Allies Mandarin
For The Marvel Super Heroes episode, see "Ultimo".

Ultimo is an enormous robot that fought against Force Works.


Upon discovering it sealed in an inactive volcano in Latin America, the Mandarin and MODOK bring him to life despite the warnings of Justin Hammer. It ends up going on a rampage. Upon following it to Baja California, Mandarin successfully attaches a control device on the base of Ultimo's skull and had it attack Iron Man. Ultimo managed to take down Iron Man as Mandarin ordered Ultimo to bring Iron Man to him. Ultimo then attacked the Stark Enterprise Experimental Test Range where the Vibranium Ammo Dump is. Force Works heads out to keep Ultimo from reaching the Vibranium Ammo Dump in order to keep Ultimo from blowing a hole into the Earth while Century locates Iron Man. During the fight between Ultimo and Force Works, War Machine blasts off the control device causing Ultimo to be free from Mandarin's control. After Iron Man was rescued, he joined Force Works in fighting Ultimo at the Sacred Sands who is draining the elemental energies of the Earth's core. Iron Man and Scarlet Witch managed to find the Master Switch of Ultimo in its chest. Iron Man used a special arrow to have Hawkeye shoot it in the portal that manifested on his chest deactivating it. Ultimo was then transferred to a Secure Holding Lab.

Iron Man's actions against Ultimo inspired an episode of the Iron Man Cartoon. The fictional Iron Man and Ultimo came to life from the power of the Silver Surfer but they disappeared when the cosmic being left.

Ultimo returned under the control of the Hacker in his plot to take revenge on Stark Industries for denying his job applications in their Computer Science Division 6 times. Ultimo attacked Tony Stark and Julia Carpenter at the airport. While Iron Man fought Ultimo at the airport, Hawkeye joined the fight and ended up injured by falling debris of a crashed airplane. When Iron Man used the Molecular Expander on reverse to shrink himself into Hawkeye's body to get a neurochip into his spine, Hacker controlled Ultimo to use the same machine and follow Iron Man while Hacker hacked into H.O.M.E.R. to give Iron Man bad information. Iron Man managed to knock out Ultimo, heal Hawkeye, and get out through the nose. When Iron Man and Ultimo were restored to normal size, Ultimo came to and was taken down by Hawkeye and Julia.


Ultimo was voiced by Ed Gilbert.

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