Real Name Tyler
Team Affiliations Clan Chosen
Family and Friends Cable (Father)
Scott Summers (Genetic Grandfather)
Jean Grey (Genetic Grandmother)

Tyler is the son of the mutant Cable.


Physical Therapy
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When just a child, his timeline started to be deleted. Cable went back in time to stop Bishop from preventing the techno-virus. Cable found a way to restore his timeline while still stopping the virus with Wolverine's antibodies, and returns to his time to find Tyler safe.

Tyler quickly grew. In 3999 A.D., the Clan Chosen went to destroy Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber. After Apocalypse stole Cable's time-traveling computer, Tyler helped his father to steal Graymalkin, the government's secret time machine, so Cable could follow Apocalypse.


Tyler's voice actor was uncredited.

First and currently only version of the character outside the comics.

There is a major inconsistency regarding Tyler's age. All the scenes with Tyler take place in the year 3999. In his first appearance Tyler is a boy but in his second appearances he is a young man. It is possible this is due to the constantly changing nature of the future.

In the Comics

His full name is Tyler Dayspring.

Is a mutant and can project the thoughts and memories of others.

Cable may or may not be his real father as it has never been proven.

Was taken at a young age by the villain Stryfe and corrupted. Was then shot and presumably killed by his father.

Followed his father back into the past (the comic's present) and took the name Mister Tolliver as an arms dealer. He hired Cable and his mercenaries to fight Stryfe, knowing that this would result with the group disbanding and them all hating Cable.

Hired Deadpool and Copycat to kidnap Domino.

Also used the name The Other.

Came to believe that he was the heir to Apocalypse, taking on the name Genesis. He tried to make Wolverine his Horsemen of Apocalypse. He tried to brainwash the hero and rebond adamantium to his skeleton (having previously been removed by Magneto) but accidentally turned him feral. Wolverine then killed Tyler.

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