Trophy Room
Ultron Trophy Room NAHT
Real Name Ultron's Trophy Room
Allies Ultron
Family and Friends Citadel
Ultra City
Trophy Room is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

The trophy room is a location in the Citadel within the heart of Ultra City. It is where Ultron keeps the remnants of opponents it has defeated.


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Trophy Room is a place of trophies collected by Ultron from his fallen enemies. The known trophies are Captain America's ripped mask and broken shield, Wasp's ruined costume, Iron Man's broken armor, Hawkeye's bow and ruined mask, Black Widow's ruined suit and damaged pistols, Giant Man's ripped mask, Black Panther's shredded costume. There were numerous other trophies in the chamber since it Ultron had killed many other heroes, and probably villains, who opposed his rule.

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