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Real Name Pete Petruski
Alternate Identity Trapster
Paste-Pot Pete
Powers and Abilities Various Gadgets
Team Affiliations Frightful Four
Allies Thing

Pete Petruski, also called Trapster and Paste-Pot Pete, is a supervillain and member of the Frightful Four.


Trapster joined the Frightful Four under Wizard along with Medusa and Hydro-Man. They fought the Fantastic Four but were defeated.


Trapster was voiced by Beau Weaver.

In the Comics

He was first encountered by Human Torch when he tried to sell an American missile to the Soviet Union.

He tried to fight Human Torch by himself but got arrested. There he met Wizard and teamed up with him to fight Torch, but they were both defeated.

The two of them teamed up with Medusa and Sandman to form the Frightful Four. Wizard and Pete are always together when part of the Frightful Four no matter who the other two members are.

He tried to fight both Human Torch and Spider-Man. He changed his name to Trapster after Spider-Man couldn't stop laughing at Paste-Pot Pete.

He defeated Daredevil, but an interruption by Doctor Doom caused the hero to turn around and defeat them both.

He tried to raid the Baxter Building while the Fantastic Four were away during the Secret Wars. He was defeated by the building's automated defenses.

He teamed up with Whirlwind to attack Captain America but both were defeated.

He eventually did beat Spider-Man when he teamed up with Shocker. But they were both called off by their employer. He defeated Spider-Man again on his own but some cosmic powers allowed Spider-Man to triumph.

Norman Osborn hired him to commit murder to frame Spider-Man. This caused the hero to abandon his superhero identity and adopt four others. Osborn then hired assassins and Shocker to take out Trapster. Trapster teamed up with Spider-Man as Dusk to get back at Osborn and confess his crime.

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