Totenkopf Division
Chitauri Nazi Scientists UA
Real Name Totenkopf Division
Powers and Abilities Secret Division
Team Affiliations Nazi
Allies Herr Kleiser (Leader)
Totenkopf Division is from the Non MAU videos Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers II.

The Totenkopf division is a subgroup of the Nazis during Nazi Germany.


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Little is known about the Totenkopf division, just that it was held secret. Its director was Herr Kleiser, secretly a Chitauri alien. He invaded the division with other Chitauri, possibly to the point that there were no actual humans in it. The division took over an old castle in Norway and built a Nazi superweapon. The 101st Airborne Division, along with Captain America, stormed the castle to destroy the weapon. However, Kleiser launched the weapon, a nuclear missile, towards Washington, D.C.. Cap boarded the missile and destroyed it. Unfortunately, he fell into the Atlantic Ocean and was frozen for sixty years. With the disappearance of Kleiser and the end of World War II, the division disappeared.


Totenkopf means "Death's Head."

In real life, there was no division called Totenkopf. Totenkopf is a symbol used by others, such as Hitler's personal bodyguards. They then grew into the Schutzstaffel. Though in the video they are meant to be secret and comprised of aliens whose existence was undisclosed to the public.

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