Torunn's Sword
Torunn Sword NAHT.jpg
Real Name Sword of Torunn
Powers and Abilities Flight, Generates and Absorbs Electricity, Only Wielded by Those it Deems Worthy
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Torunn
Iron Man
James Rogers
Henry Pym Jr.
Francis Barton
Betty Ross
Hulk/Bruce Banner
Family and Friends Mjolnir
Captain America's Shield
Iron Man Armor
Torunn's Sword is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
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Absorbing Azari's electricity

The Sword of Torunn is a powerful weapon that only Torunn can wield. It was forged in Asgard under orders by Thor and given to his daughter when he sent her to Earth. Like his own Mjolnir, it generates electricity while also absorbing, and can only be picked up by those it deems worthy.

While in Ultra City, Torunn lost it when she realized she could be hurt. When in the desert, Torunn called out to her father for help and the sword flew across the country to her. She then used it to destroy Iron Thor.


Like the children, Torunn's Sword was later adapted into the comics.

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