Torpid XME
Alternate Identity Torpid
Powers and Abilities Paralyzing Touch
Team Affiliations Morlocks
Allies X-Men
Torpid is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Torpid is a mutant and a member of the Morlocks.


Physical Therapy
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Torpid is young Morlock girl, probably between four and eight years old, and somewhat physically small in comparison to other children of similar age. Whether her diminutive size is part of her genetic heritage is unknown. She is also very "cute," in a certain eerie way. Her only other extraordinary physical feature is her overlarge hands, which she keeps concealed under an ever-present pair of black leather gloves, which she removes in order to utilize her power. She does not speak, instead communicating by means of facial expressions or the occasional scream. Unlike Rogue’s power, her own may penetrate at least one layer of clothing, the victim’s, to effect her "stun-touch."

She was one of the Morlocks to first welecome Spyke when he awoke to see the group. She has been a great ally to the Morlocks on many occasions, with the use of her "touch" pulling them out of a tight spot or two.

Powers and Abilities

Torpid is a mutant with the power to paralyze anyone she touches, human or mutant. Her abnormally large hand are a byproduct of her mutation. Although she wears gloves to protect other people from her touches, it isn't necessary for her to have skin-to-skin contact with her victim, like Rogue. She paralyzed one of Duncan's gang members just by putting a hand on his jeans.




Torpid is an original character to the series.

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