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Real Name L. Thompson Lincoln
Alternate Identity Tombstone
The Big Man
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Strength and Durability
Allies Hammerhead

L. Thompson Lincoln is the villain Tombstone, and the crime boss who goes by the name of The Big Man.


Little is known about Tombstone's past. It is known that after Frederick Foswell exposed Silvermane criminal activities and the FBI took him to jail twelve years ago. Tombstone somehow took control of Silvermane's empire, thus becoming the biggest crime lord in New York City as The Big Man. He ran the criminal actions in the city since that time. At some point Hammerhead began working for Tombstone.

Tombstone's operations were being ruined by Spider-Man, who was taking down many of Tombstone's criminal underlings. When Tombstone heard rumors of the webslinger, he had Hammerhead investigate the matter proper to make sure his criminal associates were sincere. After he saw a live video of Spider-Man defeating Flint Marko and Alex O'Hirn, he summoned The Enforcers and ordered them to squash Spider-Man. The Enforcers however, failed to complete their task, and Fancy Dan and Ox were arrested.

Norman Osborn tipped off The Big Man about a TRICORP shipment that was carrying a pair of vibro-shock units, and a protective suit. Tombstone and Hammerhead sent Montana and his men to steal that shipment, Hammerhead ordered Montana to don the suit and become Shocker. But Shocker once again failed to defeat Spider-Man, so Tombstone working through Hammerhead made a deal with Norman Osborn. Tombstone noticed that when Spider-man engages in battles with the likes of Vulture, Lizard and Shocker, he is too busy to interfere with The Big Man's empire. So he asked Norman Osborn to create Super-villains to distract Spider-Man. Norman agreed since he would gain huge profit by making Super-villains for Big Man.


Tombstone was voiced by Keith David in "Survival of the Fittest" and Kevin Michael Richardson in all subsequent appearances.

Tombstone fills a role usually filled by Kingpin. Despite originating as a Spider-Man villain, Kingpin has since become tightly related to Daredevil and was not included in the Spider-Man rights used for the show.

In the Comics

He grew up with Joseph Robertson.

He got his powers when he became trapped in an airtight chamber that filled with experimental gas.

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